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Meal Plan Mondays - 10/30

Most of us are feeling better about cooking and eating now, so it seemed like a good time to bring this back :)
The weather is changing and I need some inspiration - what are you ladies planning for dinner this week?
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Re: Meal Plan Mondays - 10/30

  • I've been terrible about planning!!!
    This week we'll do:
    Some sort of crock- chili, pot roast or heart stew
    Tacos/Taco salads (pretty much a given every week)
    pork chops, delicata squash, and veggies
    steak, potato and veggies

    other things I have no good plans for, butternut squash (usually roast it!) and spaghetti squash (probably make into "bowls" and do enchilada style or with a meat sauce.)
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  • I've been pretty bad too. My goal is at least one crockpot meal this week. Last night I begrudgingly made butternut squash and broccoli mac and cheese - which I love but is so time consuming and makes such a mess of the kitchen. I had said I'd make it and then we ended up having a super long day and I was sooo not in the mood. We had friends over though and DH really wanted it so I gave in and was a miserable B the whole time (esp because I had to make him a separate gluten and lactose free version :s ). Worth it though, that shit is good. 
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  • It's finally feeling like fall here so I want to make some warm, comfort type meals. Tonight will be Whole30 sloppy joe's, we have leftover Whole30 creamy bacon mushroom chicken thighs to eat for lunches this week, and I have some butternut squash I want to make soup with. I did a Whole30 in May and felt great during and after! Ever since I found out I was pregnant in August, my motivation to eat healthy has been non-existent so I'm trying to incorporate better meals when I can.
  • Oooh @frenchiekinplusone that sounds delicious - what recipe do you use? 

    I have been majorly slacking in this area. I made shepherds pie last night and I have a mexican chicken crockpot meal on the books for this week
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  • DH has been traveling the last two weeks and finally came home this weekend. He had a list of all of the homemade meals I make that he wanted. Yesterday I made bacon macaroni and cheese, a huge pot of chili, and steak, brussel sprouts, and fried potatoes. Not necessarily healthy, but better than fast food I suppose.

    This week we will do baked chicken/green beans, spaghetti (zucchini noodles for me), and taco salad.

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  • @peppersmith22 it's kind of a hybrid between these 2 recipes with some changes of my own (broccoli instead of bacon this time, etc), both of which are amazing on their own!
    Me: 31  DH: 32
    Married: 10/3/15 
    TTC: May 2017
    BFP: 7/20/17
    EDD: 3/29/18
  • Yay for finally having the energy/motivation for meal planning! Here's what we've got this week

    Today: Brown butter gnocchi
    Tuesday: Taco soup
    Wednesday: Southwestern roasted veggie salad
    Thursday: Slow Cooker turkey meatloaf
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  • DH is in a he fields as weather and equipment allow, so we’re pretty spontaneous right now. We’re good about quickie meals like soup, salads, breakfast for dinner :) Glad it was lunchtime when I read these, your menus look delicious!
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  • I tried HelloFresh for a few weeks and gave up on that.  I liked the idea of it, but it seriously was just too expensive for what it was at $10/person per meal and I still had to do all the prep work. I realized I could go to HEB and get two of their fresh meals ready-to-cook for half the price without having to do any prep work myself and I still feel good about putting something healthy and decent on the table.  I decided I could handle buying 2 pre-made meals and cooking 2-3 times per week, especially now that I have the energy back.  Now I need to go through my pinterest and recipe collections and save a few staples. Ready to get back to this!
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  • @g_amoss Our grocery store chain. (Texas)
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  • I need to get better about meal planning...I usually decide what were having everyday based on what's in the fridge and pantry. 

    We do have a baked potato and salad night at least once a week.  

    Tonight we're having chili.
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