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Scared About New Puppy

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We brought home a puppy about a week ago and she's 9 weeks old now. My husband and I talked about it and decided now was the time since our 2yo son is super sweet and easy and we have 5 months left to train the puppy manners and bite inhibition. I never would have gotten a puppy before my morning sickness ended or when I didn't have months to train her, and we wouldn't be willing to have a puppy until this baby was at least 2yo. It seemed like the best time so that we could have a dog that will grow up with our children and be completely tolerable of them, without having to wait until DS was 5. Our thought was that by 8 months old she would be manageable, although still hyper. I definitely wouldn't say that she's been difficult, she already rings a bell at the back door to go poo , she stopped biting hard during play after a few days of training, and she seems more than willing to follow simple manners like sitting and staying for a few seconds before I'll give her her meal. My husband is also amazing with her, takes her when I'm stressed or need to nap and wakes up with her at night.

The issue is now I've been googling and I'm SO SCARED that we were wrong. The internet makes 8 month old puppies sound like 8 week old puppies, and I'm so worried that I still won't be able to take my eyes off of her in 5 months. Does anyone know what 8 month old puppies are like? Is she going to be manageable with a newborn? I know she'll still need attention and exercise, but it's the fear of the unknown that's freaking me out right now. Will we be okay with a newborn and 8 month old dog?

We don't have much choice now regardless, but I spend everyday thinking I can totally do this and then go into panic mode again at night after she goes to sleep.

She's a Labrador/Golden Retriever crossbreed, by the way.

Re: Scared About New Puppy

  • Our husky was that old when we brought home DD and was ultra protective of her and still is 4 years later. She would lay on the bed beside the bassinet and would jump up at any whimper to make sure she was ok. They are the best of friends now- last week she let DD put a pony tail in her fur and a lei on her when o wasn't watching. 
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  • At 8 months old, my pup was fully trained, but of course, still a ball of energy. This meant he needed lots of play time, but there was none of the destruction or chaos that came when we first got him. An eight month old puppy could be great with a baby, and with how quickly yours seems to be training, she sounds like she's already on her way!
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  • Labs and golden retrievers are very smart, well behaved breeds. Just keep with the training and by 8 months, you'll have a good pupper on your hands. She will still need lots of play time, though! Good luck. 
  • We have a 5 year old Lab, and he has loved babies and kids since he was a puppy. I’d say the biggest things to focus on training-wise are not jumping, continuing to train her to have a soft mouth, and getting her comfortable with kids/babies playing with her ears/tail/paws. For biting we did the method where we’d make high-pitched noises when he accidentally bit us (mimicking fellow puppies’ noises) because that’s how they learn to not hurt each other. He is still super gentle and I can put my hand/fingers in his mouth while playing with toys and he doesn’t bite me. 

    Labs and Goldens are known for their gentleness and are great with kids, so I think you’ll be fine! The biggest thing is to make sure she’s still getting enough exercise, otherwise that’s when they can be destructive. I’m so excited for you!
  • We got a lab puppy right before we found out we were pregnant with DD1. So he was almost a year old by the time we had her so it's a little different, but he was great with the new baby! It was especially good because being on maternity leave meant I could bundle up the newb and take the puppy for a walk to burn off some energy. I'd say the first 4-5 months of his life would have been awful with a newborn since he was up every couple hours to go potty and had a lot of restless energy but he got fully house trained and settled into our routine by about 6 months. You should be just fine. Just make sure you account for daily walks or playtime for the puppy to wear him out!

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  • I recommend getting the puppy into puppy classes right away from a trainer who's methods you agree with.  You have time for most likely at least one if not two classes to help you with basic obedience and socialization.  It sounds like your puppy is going to be easily trainable and by eight months should be fine with consistent training.  It also sounds like your husband is a huge help, which will make training even easier.  
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