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  • @Mass-girl-at-heart I totally understand. I love when my SO is out doing stuff. Go...go to your friends. I am NOT the spouse who complains when he is gone haha. He was away for 6 months (home every 3rd weekend) before I moved to the city we are in now, and it didn't phase me. 
  • kiki75 said:

    In the words of my aunt after her pilot husband retired, "How can I miss you if you won't go away?!"
    Exactly!  And sometimes I want to watch really bad TV without being reminded every 5 minutes how bad it is!  
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  • MIL said I was starting to show and it took me aback a bit. I've said before I'm a bigger girl and I don't think I started REALLY showing with my first until like 6 months, so for her to mentuon it out of the blue threw me off bc I hadn't noticed myself. She is right, though...I popped a bit. 
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    @antoto I'm with you on that one! My mom is coming next weekend, and I'm still unpacking stuff... The house is an utter wreck, and with my longhaired husky, there's dog hair under everything. Trying to clean today, but I just want to curl up on the couch and read too.

    @Mass-girl-at-heart  I just want to watch my awesomely crappy shows too! I really love watching terribly corny scifi stuff, and my DH will be rolling his eyes the whole time and laughing at it. I hardly watch anything anymore because I want to enjoy it by myself without feeling like it's stupid. 
  • I'm totally on board with the mommy make over-I'm planning on getting a boob lift after I'm done BFing this last one because I have noticed a difference in my pre-kids boobs and my post-kids boobs.

    I'm also completely agreeing with everyone needing space from their spouses.  DH works nights so we don't really see each other much.  He watches the kids at home in the morning, drops them off at my mom's in the afternoon and then goes home and goes to sleep so when I get home from work with the kids he's sleeping.  I only get to see him for about 30 mins at night when I wake him up for work as he's getting ready and in the morning I see him for about an hour after he gets home as I'm getting ready for work and DD ready for school.  His days off are Wednesday and Thursday (mine are weekends) so he stays awake during the day so he can be on the same schedule as us and I really enjoy seeing him more but I'm normally happy on Friday's because after I put the kids to bed and get him out the door I can eat crap in bed and watch what TV I want to (I love Hoarders and have about 20 episodes DVR'd) that he complains about.  Me time is a must!

    My actual FFFC is that this morning I was waiting in the Dr's office waiting room and scrolling through FB and I watched this heart wrenching video about a daughter asking her dad how much he made an hour, asked him to borrow some money, and then gave him the money to "buy an hour" of his time and asked him to come home early.  I started crying (tears rolling down cheeks) around the time she asked him to borrow money, I couldn't help myself.  I felt pretty silly crying over a FB video in the middle of  a Dr's office but, hormones.

  • I waited until the last minute to order MH and I Halloween costumes because I wasn’t sure we would actually need them but he has a trick or treating event tonight at work so I Amazon primed them on Tuesday and got them yesterday. I’m more than a little grumpy that he didn’t mention until last night when I asked him the plan, that no one from his actual building is going to the work event and so we aren’t going either. What a waste. I could’ve Amazon primed myself the teal Chucks I’ve been wanting instead and saved us money. 
  • I would love a boob job, but I’m scared of everything that could go wrong with them. After I weaned DD I didn’t even have A’s.. no joke. I couldn’t fill out my XS t-shirts, there was a huge gap between my boob and bra.. it was a little ridiculous. So I’m thoroughly enjoying my pregnant full B’s right now! 
  • FFFC: I might possibly eat 2 dinners tonight :#. I’ve been so hungry today. And I’m being lazy after work watching HGTV instead of going to the gym 
  • @chasingroygbiv I always want what I can't have. I'd do some illegal stuff for a B cup. I'm sitting at 38dd, up from 34ddd pre pregnancy. I can only imagine what this situation will look like after I breast feed.

    @npkat treat yo self  :D
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  • @cford08 @chasingroygbiv I’m a 36f/g, and I’m super scared at how big and scary these puppies are going to get while breastfeeding. 
  • @cford08 @chasingroygbiv I’m a 36f/g, and I’m super scared at how big and scary these puppies are going to get while breastfeeding. 

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  • @bb3vj3n, I would be so angry! 
    My birth mother is a compulsive liar/attention seeker. I’ve had to cut her out of my life because of all the lies and anxiety she would cause me and my family. It was constant drama. 

    I’m sorry that she ruined this moment for you. You deserve better. 
  • I'm glad to know I'm in good booby company  :D we cab commiserate come March!
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  • @chasingroygbiv my BFF had small Bs I think before she had kids and now she has nothing, too. I remember at my bachelorette party she actually put my hand on her chest because I was like “You have boobs!!”...she does not. She’s been talking about getting breast implants because she’s a little self conscious about it. 
  • Hi. What in the heck does FFFC stand for. These look like confessions or something but I'm googling the acronym and no luck. Help a not so young lady out....lmao
  • @nancysimp flame free Friday confession

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