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Meal planning Monday

Whatcha eating this week?

Any tips on keeping health-ish while dealing with cravings?
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Re: Meal planning Monday

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    Avacado egg salad sandwiches with tuna for dinner tonight. 

    Tuesday - chicken with garlic green beans

    Wednesday - crockpot kielbasa with cabbage and potatoes 

    no clue beyond that. As far as cravings and eating healthy goes - everything in moderation. If you never allow yourself to indulge in a piece of chocolate or a coffee or whatever it is you’re craving, you’re eventually going to crack and end up binging on it, which is just going to cause guilt and stress. Give yourself permission to indulge a little, and then eat healthy beyond that. I also think it’s super helpful to look at those “craving this? Eat this!” Infographics. A lot of the times our cravings stem from something our body needs. We just tend to crave the less healthy versions of those things we need. 
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    Whatcha eating this week?
    Monday- sausage and peppers, bread, spaghetti squash with sauce, riccotta and mozzarella

    Tuesday- ravioli with Alfredo sauce, ham (or grilled chicken if I’m not lazy) and frozen mixed vegetables 

    Wednesday- burritos! Instant pot salsa chicken, beans, cauliflower rice. Cheese salsa and guac

    Thursday- burgers or sandwiches

    Friday- kids’ choice (usually Mac and cheese or pizza)

    Saturday- take out

    Sunday- left overs, or something quick with whatever I have left from this week

    Any tips on keeping health-ish while dealing with cravings?
    I try to eat a lot of veggies and keep the take out or restaurants to twice a week.
    I also keep lots of yogurt around to try to keep myself from going to get ice cream every day. I’m not always successful but am looking for tips to do better!
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    Today- roasted chicken with potatoes and asparagus- it's delicious, easy and looks just like the picture...

    Tomorrow night we are doing leftover because DH has a meeting and DS has a bake sale at school Thursday that I want to make stuff ahead for.

    Wednesday- almond flour pumpkin pancakes with sausage.

    thursday- pumpkin carving event at church that serves dinner.(pizza, veggies, caramel and apples)

    friday- homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese

    Saturday- ? 

    I have been eating healthy because I have to. GD makes me accountable for everything I put in my mouth. I eat a lot of carrots and hummus.
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    stardustskiesstardustskies member
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    Monday- turkey burgers on wheat buns with avocado mash, & sweet potato fries

    Tuesday- Mom is taking me out for Korean (one of my favorites!) to celebrate my graduation this week. 

    Wednesday- Tuna casserole

    Thursday- Tacos & Mexican rice 

    Friday- Chicken & dumplings

    Tips on eating healthy- Don't worry too much if you slip up on a meal here and there. You can always make up for it with your next meal. Just make sure to get your veggies in somehow. I got my juicer out yesterday after months of non-use and plan to use it more for the rest of my pregnancy.
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    @sarahhedger7 college graduation? Congratulations!!!!
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    :)@ShawnnaO Kind of. It's a training program for medical assisting. But still, it's gunna be a big step up from waiting tables. Thank you! :)
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    Monday-maple Dijon chicken thighs with spagetti squash
    Tuesday-sauteed sausage, onions, and mushrooms with bread
    Wednesday-cowboy crockpot ground beef
    Thursday-lemon chicken thighs and potatoes and green beans
    Friday-Salmon and something else.  I haven't decided.
    Saturday-meal prepped for my husband Taco casserole but with ground beef.
    Sunday-homemade pizza-veggie, pepperoni, and cheese

    I prepped all these today, except Wednesday's.  I am trying to buy as much organic as possible, so I need to compensate for the slightly higher costs by ensuring we don't go out to eat as much.  I also prepped a couple other meals to just have in the freezer.  I really can't stand cooking everyday, so I am trying out one big meal prep afternoon and hoping it frees up time the rest of the week.  
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    So last week I had this great plan and then I totally forgot about parent/teacher conferences and everything got thrown off.  So those meals are making a reappearance this on this week's plan... :#

    Today - Leftover Beef Noodle Stir Fry (based off this recipe:, but I add more veggies)

    Rest of Week -
    Instant Pot Turkey with mashed potatoes and asparagus (
    Beef, Tomato, and Acini di Pepe Soup (

    Healthy Eating?  I guess I try to get some veggies into most meals?  Lol.  And try to limit eating out to once a week - which helps with the food budget too!
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    @DDRRT1982 how do you manage to keep food that’s been prepped ahead of time from tasting like leftovers? We eat out way too much and I’d love some tips. 
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    Tonight - sweet and sour spare ribs, basmati rice & veggies 

    Tues - Italian restaurant

    Wed - chicken Caesar salad

    Thurs - perogies and sausage

    Fri - salmon, rice & veggies 

    Sat - pasta Halloween party 

    Sun - taco salad
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    ShawnnaO said:
    @DDRRT1982 how do you manage to keep food that’s been prepped ahead of time from tasting like leftovers? We eat out way too much and I’d love some tips. 
    Oh girl, I am kind of new to all of this, so we will see.  When I look for recipes on Pinterest I specifically search for freezer meals, which probably helps because others have done the trial and error on what's good after being defrosted.  The chicken dishes are raw with the sauce and veggies, so those are good bc they haven't been cooked yet and are marinating in the sauce I prepared.  I did prep a full cooked casserole, so we'll see how that defrosts.  I was sure to seal it really tight.  Personally, I don't like cook chicken reheated, but ground beef doesn't bother my family.  I stick with only defrosting cooked red meat.
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    Also, I have done The Six Sister freezer Crock-Pot meals before and they are great.  The give you a shopping list and techniques on how to best prepare.  I think it took two hours and there were seven or eight meals that I just had to dump in the Crock-Pot.  You might want try that site.
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    @DDRRT1982 thank you!!! I’ll look into that! 
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    @ShawnnaO A big time saver is just precooking your meats for a few days, and pre cutting veggies. 
    Monday - my SO's Mimi ordered chinese take out (she's visiting)
    Tuesday - tacos (just me and the kids)
    Wednesday - spaghetti and caeser salad
    Thursday - chicken and rice with veggies 
    Friday - Oven baked ribs with baked potatoes and veggies 
    Saturday - double hockey...soooo frozen pizza
    Sunday - homemade fish and chips

    To try and eat healthy, I try to always have a couple different veggies at dinner. And I premake a big salad for the week, and a container of cut up veggies with dip on hand.
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