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Bottle Problems

Hey all!

So recently I’ve been having some leaking problems with my Medela bottles. The nipple/bottle rings aren’t screwing on correctly and it has led to a few messy MOTN feedings. Pumping into them is fine though.

When trying to tighten the nipple and ring on, they just click and pop off. Anyone experience something similar? 

Anyone switch to/recommend a different brand? I’m going to try out the Avent and Mam bottles I got as freebies from BRU.

Re: Bottle Problems

  • I have a Spectra, so I've been pumping into and using the Avent bottles since the beginning.  No problems with leaking as long as you get the nipple pulled all the way in and the ring tightened.  They seem pretty durable, and LO likes them, so that's what we'll stick with.
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  • We're using the Avent bottles too. I transfer into them from my pumping bottles. Makes for a lot of dishes but he had supplement bottles pretty early and liked the Avent so we stuck with those. 
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  • Ugh I had the exact same problem with the medela bottles with both my kids. I use Dr. Brown’s bottles and haven’t had any problems. The parts can be a little annoying, but they sell the “options” bottle where you don’t have to use the pieces (they are supposed to help reduce gas and maintain breastmilk something or another. It’s been awhile since I read about it!). The best feature by far is that I can pump right into the bottles! What pump do you use?
  • @ljd2010 I use the Medela PISA. Love it. If Dr. Brown bottles fit the pump, I might look into those. 

    @optbaby2017 @CPR79 LO didnt like the Avent bottle nipple too much; he also kept collapsing the nipple much more often than he would with the Medela nipples. He did like the Mam bottle but the concern that we have is that the bottom screws on, so the potential for leaks is double. I did like how it was vented at the bottom though. LO was very happy with it.

    LO does have gassiness troubles whenever he drinks from bottles, so I guess I’m just going to have to look into options that help with gas. 
  • @cielaw89 two thoughts - 1) apparently there is a "right" way to assemble the Avent nipples, aligning an air vent; video  2) sometimes a collapsing bottle nipple is a sign that you need to move up to a higher flow nipple. Good luck! 
  • @cielaw89 The Dr. Browns bottles should fit your pump parts! It’s so nice to pump directly into the bottles. I hated how the medela nipples would collapse and never had that problem with the dr. Browns. 
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