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GTKY: most embarrassing moment

Alright, lets get this board moving again. It's been nothing but crickets lately! 

We've all had our fair share of embarrassing moments over the years, but there are always one or two moments that will forever stand out in your head. Confess your most cringe-worthy memories here! 


Re: GTKY: most embarrassing moment

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  • @lindsye that is DISGUSTING. Did the realtor ever confront him? I'd be super mortified as well but would have done the same thing you did. He could be a guy that should NOT have access to anyone's home.
  • @kmalls I don't know what she did about it - we used a different realtor the next time so I haven't talked to her much since then. And after my uncomfortable conversation, I never mentioned the incident to her again. But I agree - the guy could seriously progress to something dangerous and I would not want him in people's houses!
  • oh man, I could write a book!

    definitely had a @kmalls experience of poorly timed and placed hangover throw ups.

    I was out drinking I think junior year and college, nothing out of the ordinary.  We pre-gamed and headed to the bar.  While at the bar I could tell something wasn't quite right and asked someone to bring me home.  The last thing I remember is walking into my dorm and then waking up at the hospital.  Apparently I had locked myself in the bathroom to take a bath and wouldn't come out. (to this day I don't know if I was truly that drunk or if someone slipped me something at the bar).  I told the nurses I had to pee to which they decided to attempt to catheter me, which of course was awful.  I was conscious and aware of where I was.  I let the male nurse know he was beauitful as I poorly attempted to write my signature and sign myself out and my drunk roommate called my parents in the middle of the night to let them know. (I grabbed the phone and talked to them myself, not sure why she felt she needed to call them at 3am when it wasn't an emergency)  Needless to say I wasn't so proud of myself.
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  • My freshman year of college I went crazy.  In high school I was the one in my group of friends who refused to drink or be around any drugs.  SO going to college I jumped in full force into the party scene.  Me and my friends went to this house party.  There was a lot of smoking (which I didn't care for because I can't stand smoking, of any kind cause I feel like I can't breath) Well I was SUPER drunk (still a light weight) and I was watching this guy roll a joint.  I just kept staring at him doing it and then I said "That looks like stuff from a plant"  He just looked at me like I was the dumbest person alive and said "Yeah cause it is a plant"  then I say in most excited voice ever "WOW can you smoke any plant?" LOL got to love the effects of alcohol.  To this day my friends always bring it up.  

    @lindsye how mortifying that he took your vibrator and also sooooooooo creepy.  I would have done the same thing though.  Who knows what else he has taken from houses.


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  • @BarefootContessa I just... cannot. Bless you for putting up with that situation regularly.  o:)
  • Yours are WAY better than mine are!

    When I was in college, I was running late to meet my sister for lunch. I grabbed last night’s jeans and ran out the door. 

    Had a a nice lunch, and got back on the campus bus to go home. We get to my dorm, and a crowd is around the bus waiting to get on. So as I get off the bus, last night’s underwear comes tumbling out of my jeans. 

    A big big guy points to them and yells “WHOSE PANTIES ARE THOSE??” While everyone stared. 

    I shrugged and kept walking. I didn’t get them back. They were a good VS pair, too. Bummer... 
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