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FFFC 10/20

Starting because I have to get this off my chest...

We picked a name for this little girl. I don’t really love it. It’s a very pretty name and it honors my Grandma, but there are other names I loved so much more. DH is in LOVE with the name so I’m trying to love it. I chose our first daughters name so I figured it was fair that he picked this name. It will grow on me, right? 

Me (33). DH (37). DD (2.2012). MCs x4. After 4 years & 7 months, due 4.2018!


Re: FFFC 10/20

  • Mario is the best game. My MIL stole our Wii when we moved and the only reason I’m really mad is because I had a Super Mario game for it that I loooooved. 

    Me (33). DH (37). DD (2.2012). MCs x4. After 4 years & 7 months, due 4.2018!

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  • @Mattel I love Mario too!  Me and MH have every nintendo system made


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  • @Mattel that is a tough one. If you're saying that it feels like the right choice for this baby, then i'm guessing (hoping) it will grow on you. Do you get to use one of the names you love as the middle name?
  • I was going to be on time for work, but then I decided to stop for a kolache (ok fine, three!) and was late.
  • This might be more of an UO, but my confession is I think using pumpkins to announce your pregnancy is so.overdone. Maybe this is because I was an April mom for my first, and everyone on that board had the same freaking pumpkin patch announcements. No beef if that's what you chose, but I feel like it's the PSL of baby announcements.
  • @sparklingdiamond I have no idea what a kolache is!

    @lindsye The name we picked is Elena Jade. I actually suggested Elena to my hubby as I was rattling off options and I like the connection to my grandma. I picked the middle name. I think part of the issue is that I’m obsessed with DD1’s name and I just don’t feel the same about Elena. 

    Me (33). DH (37). DD (2.2012). MCs x4. After 4 years & 7 months, due 4.2018!

  • @Mattel if it means anything, I LOVE that name! If we are having a girl, we plan to name her Helena. 

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  • @Mattel They are a pastry that has different types of filling in them.  My favorite is the poppyseed ones.  My family is actually Czech on my mom's side and my grandma used to make them.

  • That's a really pretty choice @Mattel ! I haven't had the experience of really loving a name. We changed our name choice a day or two before I went into labor and I can't imagine DS as anything else
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  • @JJMNO1616 and @Mattel I am seriously dying at both of your stories! 

    Thanks for the laugh! 
  • @JJMNO1616 & @Mattel - almost peed laughing so hard!

    @Mattel - very pretty name, I hope it grows on you. Someone in a name post said when they heard their older child say the name they loved it.

    @sparklingdiamond  - why did you have to put the picture in? Now I want one  :D

    @kmalls - oh yeah. I do the same looking at online house listings. I was judging myself on my HDBD picture lol.
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