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Lupron or no Lupron for FET #1 ( need advice)

Hello, Ladies

I need advice from you all today. I had a consult with RE today about our first IVF ending in CP and our plans for a FET. We decided that I will be going into FET pretty soon. However he gave me a choice of having Lupron as part of my protocol to suppress my ovaries or just use estrase and hope that my ovaries are still suppressed enough since our stim cycle in September. I do not know what to decide because I don't want to overwhelm my system with drugs again if I don't have to. But on the other hand I do not want to risk a cancelled cycle ( my RE gave me like 2% chance of that happening, TW** but hey EP is only 1% chance and I had one ***end TW). I just want things to work this time. Also we are 100% OOP so I am curious how much adding Lupron will cost us. And I am struggling to make a decision. Please help! Any success stories with or without Lupron are welcome.
Me 30, DH 39
TTC since Aug 2015, 
BFP Apr 2017 - late diagnosed EP, right tube removed, left tube scarred.
Dx: tubal IF
IVF Sept 2017, 7 R, 6M, 6F- 4 blasts, 1 transferred fresh - CP
FET #1 Dec 2017- BFN
FET #2 Jan 2018- CP
FET #3 BFP!!! EDD 12/15/2018!

Re: Lupron or no Lupron for FET #1 ( need advice)

  • Ok so first off lupron is expensive. What i was prescribed (as part of my IVF that i didn't end up using...) was a 2 week supply that would be $650 without insurance. 

    My ER actually had me on a biweekly injeaction if estradiol valerate instead of the lupron and/or oral estrace and it worked great! It was about $200 for a vial that lasted for...7 weeks? So i did have to get a second one when i found out i was pregnant, but the 2 were still definitely cheaper than the lupron. Ask your doc about it!
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  • My Lupron was kind of expensive, but not nearly as expensive as Follistim and some of the other stim drugs I used. But it definitely did it’s job for my FET. I wasn’t given a choice about it though b/c I have really bad endometriosis. I had problems during both of my IVF cycles with all kinds of things, including ovarian cysts that jacked up my Estrogen levels. But during the FET after Lupron my ovaries and uterus were amazing, my levels were all good. But I hate for doctors to give me choices, you’re the specialist you tell me what to do and what will work best!! 

    TTC for 8 years.
    Started in 2008 with timed intercourse, ovulation testing, no official monitoring.
    OB-GYN recommended Clomid and timed intercourse, attempted for 6 straight months.
    First surgery June 2009 (OB-GYN): diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and large hydrosalpinx on right tube.
    Second surgery (July 2009, RE performed this): Right tube had to be removed, lots of adhesions removed.
    Attempted "trying on our own" as per RE recommendations, unsuccessful 5-6 months.
    HSG performed December 2009: left tube open.
    February 2010: started Femara and timed intercourse, attempted 6 months, no BFPs.
    Took a break for a while.
    January 2011: started IUI process, ovaries never properly responded to medications, 6 failed attempts, never actually completed an IUI.
    Took 2012-2014 off due to depression and frustration (side note: did complete grad school to become a nurse practitioner- great distraction).
    2015: started seeing RE again, went through tons of testing and HSG, left tube now blocked, only option is IVF.
    September 2015: Started first official IVF cycle, cancelled in October due to large cyst on left ovary.
    October 2015: started on birth control for 2 months.
    December 2015: attempted to start another IVF cycle, cysts on both ovaries on initial ultrasound, left was huge, cancelled to aspirated cyst.
    January 2016: Cyst back, surgery for ex-lap, cyst and adhesions removed.
    March 2016: Attempted second IVF cycle, estrogen way too high, cyst back, cancelled again.
    April 2016: Third attempted IVF cycle, 7 eggs retrieved, 2 mature (but not great) embryos made to fresh transfer, neither implanted.
    May-Sept 2016: Break to regain sanity.
    Sept-Oct 2016: Attempted fourth IVF cycle, very successful, cyst still on left but we ignored. 7 mature "great looking" eggs retrieved, 4 mature embryos made it to day 5 transfer. Transfer aborted due to large amount of endometriosis fluid in uterus.
    FET of 2 embryos completed on 12/12/16.
    12/22/16 1st Beta 179 BFP!!!
    12/24/16 2nd Beta 449!!
    EDD 8/30/17 with two girls!!!!!

    Audrey (4lb 8oz) and Olivia (6lb 6oz) born 8/10/17!!

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