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Normal miscarriage...when can I TTC again?

I had a miscarriage a couple weeks ago. Baby measured at 6 weeks so I was between 6-9 weeks pregnant (I have irregular cycles so doc's can't exactly predict how far along I was). I bled what looked like a normal period for about a week. Then dry brown strips the week after. Followed by a bit of yellow strips for 2 days. It seems like my CM is going back to normal, I had a bit of pain in my right ovaries side/lower abdomen yesterday. 

My family doctor told me to wait 3 cycles before TTC, however the emergency hospital doctors said 1 cycle is plenty. I read all sorts of articles that say you don't even need to wait. I'm just not sure what to do...

We are very sad about our loss but can't wait to try again to get some positivity in our life and be normal again. I don't think I'll ever be "ready" as I will always fear a future miscarriage or loss based on the traumatic events I just went through. But I believe we are mentally ready to be happy with another pregnancy, with that said though, we will still be fearful of the worst happening -- it's only natural, I feel. 

Any advice? Can anyone share their experience if similar?

Re: Normal miscarriage...when can I TTC again?

  • I'm so sorry for your loss.  I have had two MCs one at 10wks and measured at 10 wks the other was at 8 wks but only measured at 5 wks 3 days.   For both I was told I only needed to wait until my cycle returned. I was told that by two OBs and an RE.  The old school way was 3 cycles but all the new research says no reason to wait which is what I believe most docs are going with now 
  • Feel free to join us on the TTCAL board when you are ready.  It's more active and the ladies are wonderful 
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  • The advice on this varies. The ER doctors were probably telling you what they think based upon latest advice; however, I would say that your family doctor is giving you information based upon your personal history. I'd listen to the family doctor. It may be outdated information, but to be on the safe side, it's good to follow their advice and not rush the process.

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    MC #2: July 1, 2016 (5.5 weeks)
    MC #3: October 17, 2016 (CP)
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    MC #4: Feb. 28, 2017 (CP)
    RE #2: Additional RPL testing March-November 2017
    MC #5: January 2019 (6.5 weeks)

    RE #3: More testing 2023. 
    Egg Retrieval Sept/Oct 2023, 2 good embryos after PGT-A testing.
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