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GTKY: If you won the lottery....

Shamelessly stealing from another BMB.

If you won the lottery (let's go with a $150 mil jackpot), lump sum or annual payments? How would you spend it?

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Re: GTKY: If you won the lottery....

  • Pay them bills off, give my in laws 10%, parents 10% and live off the rest. Donate some to charities and my church. Make sure my great grandkids never have to worry about money. And buy a yacht near Bey and Jay's lol
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  • DDRRT1982DDRRT1982 member
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    Lump sum.  I would pay all debt. Start education funds for all my kids.  Have my husband invest some.  Live life as normal, with just a bit less stress.  Buy myself a Prada.  Pay for graduate school.  Put in a pool.  Set up a scholarship through the Health Science department I graduated from.  Donate to our local homeless shelter.  

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  • ashleyf911ashleyf911 member
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    I would totally do the lump sum.

    I would pay off my bills, my family's bills, and have my financial planner husband invest a nice big chunk of it.

    I'd also buy a huge plot of land in Alaska near the Ketchikan area and just build a big family compound. Enough room for houses for me, my in laws, my parents, my brother and his family, and grandparents to each have a house and a couple acres. Not huge or crazy houses, just big enough to be comfortable.

    I'd also put away some more money for the city I currently live in - we have a lot of homeless people, so I'd like to make like a little tiny house neighborhood to help them out and get them some resources - counseling, financial coaching, stuff like that.

    But before all of that, I'd take the husband on a nice month long vacation in Fiji or Tahiti or something where we can just decompress and let our new reality sink in for awhile. :)
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  • Lump sum! 

    Pay off family and close friend's debt. 
    Invest a good bit and some in savings
    Get a beach house somewhere in FL and buy a flat in the U.K. somewhere. Move to New England when our kid was school age and get him in a good school somewhere - basically gtf out of Louisiana!!! 
    Open a doggie daycare or a no kill shelter so I could play with animals all day. 
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  • @Mass-girl-at-heart, I had to Google the hyperbaric chamber.  Is this a therapy that could help your husband but it's just not available?  At the expense of sounding nosy, my interest is piqued.
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  •  @Mass-girl-at-heart I am curious too. RTs run hyperbaric Chambers, but I haven't heard of this therapy.  

    Can I add one...I would adpot, too.  I would love to add to our family as well.  
  • @DDRRT1982 a friends husband had it, it like a few weeks of intense time in the chamber (8ish hours a day if I remember) and then maintenance sessions basically forever. It helped him with basically all of his cognitive functions which made an drastic improvement in his daily life. 

    I believe it is still in testing stages for TBI treatment and I doubt the VA would ever touch it given the cost. But from all I’ve read it is a life changer, if you’re able to keep it up.  The treatment my friend’s husband got was over $30K so I’ve written it off and haven’t done much research in the past few years. 
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  • @bettyvonsomethingstein thanks!  When someone won the powerball in MA over the summer I didn’t check the town right away and for about 5 minutes I was a multi millionaire!  But I’ve purchased one ticket in the past few years so it’s not looking good. 
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  • Lump sum. I would donate some. Pay off student loans, hire a landscaper and a housekeeper, add on to the house, and get a boob reduction. Save/invest the rest.
  • stardustskiesstardustskies member
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    I would hire a financial advisor to see what they say about lump sum vs. annual payments. I would buy a nice house in a nice neighborhood but I wouldn't go all out. Think doctors as neighbors. I would pay off close relatives' mortgages. Donate some, of course. (Gotta pay your karma dues.) And I would travel the world. 
  • Lump sum for sure.  Pay off our house, give some to close relatives (Mom, Dad, FIL, Step-MIL, my sister, SIL), donate some.  Set aside some to invest.  Pay off mortgage, possibly move to a bigger house, and think seriously about having a third baby.  Buy a new car for DH since we're looking at doing that now anyway.  Travel alot more.  
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  • Lump sum. I would donate some. Pay off student loans, hire a landscaper and a housekeeper, add on to the house, and get a boob reduction. Save/invest the rest.
    I had a reduction in my early 20s.  It was life changing.  Of course now three kids later I'll have to do it all over again someday.  Womp womp!
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  • Annual payments. Like others I would pay off student loan debts first.
    My dream is to have a modest city house and land in the country for gardening and trees. I would also like to own some forested land that I just leave natural.
    I would set up annual donations to my favorite non-profits.
    I would pay off parents' mortgages and at least have a fund for down payments and emergencies for family & friends.
    Definitely invest and set up education funds for kids.
    We already travel a lot (spouse is from Italy) but I would go to further places. Always dreamed of visiting Tokyo for example. 
    I would definitely hire a house cleaner and get a bunch more pets. I'd also buy strictly solid wood furniture and go as organic/eco friendly as possible, and only ever buy ethical clothes and stuff. :)
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