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Breastfeeding with PCOS

just wondering if anyone else experienced issues breastfeeding with PCOS. It’s been a month since my lo was born and he still needs about 4 ounces of formula after a feed. I let him nurse for about 20-30 minutes each side (or until he cries and gets frustrated at my breast) and he still wants formula. Anyone else had the same problem? Was the herbal supplements helpful?

Re: Breastfeeding with PCOS

  • We supplemented DD with bottle feedings (pumped milk when available or formula if not) for 6 weeks, after that I was able to BF or pump what she required.  Our issue was her weight gain was very slow initially so the pedi had us supplement after feedings if she was still hungry.  Eventually it evened out.  I nursed her until 14 months. I didn't notice a difference with supplements, I just made sure to pump after feedings to help my supply and to have milk available for her.   

    4 oz of formula after each BF session seems like a lot.  Have you seen a lactation consultant?  They helped me a great deal, especially with weighing after nursing sessions to get an idea of what she was actually getting from me. 
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