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Down to the wire- boy name

I am due with our second in a few weeks.  All through the pregnancy the only name DH agreed on was James.  But now we are both liking Bennett and I can't decide!  DH is letting me make the final decision between the two.  Big sister's name is Kate (not Katherine), for our son I am looking for a classic name that is not considered trendy.  A common name is fine, I know James is very common now but I don't see it as trendy.  Maybe I'm wrong.  And Bennett is climbing the polls but I don't know how trendy it may become.  So what do you thing... James or Bennett?   As for a middle name we will be using a family name for either first name, so we will not do a combo of Bennett James or James Bennett.

Re: Down to the wire- boy name

  • James is solid and never going to go out of style. Bennett is much much trendier. 

  • Bennett is trendier than James, but probably about the same as Kate, so you're fine with either.
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  • I dont see Bennett as trendy. I like the nickname Ben a whole lot better than Jim or Jimmy. James is nice but it is extremely common. I would choose Bennett.
  • James Bennet
  • James 100%. It is most certainly classic and timeless. I see Bennett as more trendy
  • Id go w James. 
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  • James
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  • James. Very classic with Kate
  • James
    Bennett is super super trendy

  • James x 1 million. Classic and pairs perfectly with Kate. 
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  • James is much more classic to me.  If you want the nickname Ben or Benny, Benjamin is a more classic choice than Bennett. 
  • James is more popular but Bennett is more trendy. I don't think you can really go wrong with either. I think James and Kate sound better together than Bennett and Kate.

  • James Bennett!
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  • James Bennett
  • I think they are both great names, however James has my vote. Bennett has become quite trendy while James is a classic and strong name. 
  • I don't know whether or not Bennett is already trendy, but I can definitely see it reaching trendy status if it gets really popular.  Even if James became top 10, it won't ever be trendy because it is so classical.  Since trendiness is a consideration for you, I think that James would be the better choice.
  • Honestly I like both and don't see either are trendy or super popular. I went to high school with one James, and my nephew is James and was the only one in his classes. So I don't think it's wildly popular to where you will have 3 in a classroom.
  • Thanks, this helps.  My gut feeling is telling me I could regret Bennett, even though I do really like it, but I don't think I would ever regret naming him James.  
  • Do you like any other Ben names? Benjamin or Benedict? Both more classic. 

    That said James is great 

  • I do like Benjamin but our last name is 11 letters so we have always tried to stay with a shorter first name.
  • James I like because it is my younger brother's name and he is 24. I think it also compliments Kate more than Bennett unless you used the shortened version of Ben all the time
  • James

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