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Anyone with GD

I just had my first meeting to go over diet and bloood sugar levels. I am looking for some snack ideas that will no raise my sugar to much.

Re: Anyone with GD

  • Not a snack idea but cinnamon is a natural way to regulate blood sugar levels. I've been putting it in my coffee everyday and it's very yummy. 

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  • I have GD and had class over the weekend. Did they give you a goal carb gram # for snacks? Nurse mentioned protein paired w a carb helps w absorption, so some examples were cheese and crackers or a small piece of fruit. Or greek yogurt w fruit. Or hummus and veggies. But i think the first week of stucking w a meal plan (which i didn't get a meal plan, i got a carb counting plan) will help you figure out what works for you.
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  • I had GD with my oldest. (I don't know yet for this one and I didn't for my second so it's been awhile.) I remember being told not to have fruit at the same time as dairy (cheese counted as protein if I remember correctly). So if I had milk at my breakfast then I was supposed to have fruit with the snack. So snack was a carb and i think healthy fat plus fruit. Veggies were fine whenever (carrots, celery, tomatoes.) So that being said- crackers or pretzels with peanut butter or avocado plus a fruit. You can probably also do some sort of trail mix with cereal and nuts plus fruit. I don't remember the amounts
  • I had it with my DD but don't know yet with this one. Some of my favorite snacks were almonds with string cheese, Graham crackers and peanut butter, veggies with or without ranch, tomatoes with salt and pepper or balsamic vinaigrette, and the occasional piece of fruit. I could only have one piece of fruit a day so I tried to include it in a meal but if I was wanting something sweet I would choose fruit. 
  • There was a GD thread early on the board. If you search it, you could find some good information. 
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