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So scared HCG isn't dropping quickly enough

Hello everyone,

I've gone through quite a drawn-out miscarriage and I'm so scared that my HCG isn't dropping fast enough and that something is wrong. Nearly all of the tissue I've passed has been analysed and no signs of molar tissue have been found. Can anybody look at my timeline below and tell me what they think?

15 Aug - found out at 12 week scan that baby had died 8/9 weeks
Over the next couple of weeks I took misoprostol twice, but had retained tissue
8 Sept - I guess my HCG is around 150, based on a Clear Blue weeks indicator test
13 Sept - I have an MVA and scan confirms all clear
17 Sept - I pass a 3cm bit of tissue (not blood clot) that that MVA and scan somehow missed, along with a bit of bleeding
18 Sept - first blood test and HCG is 18
21 Sept - second blood test and HCG still 18!
27 Sept - third blood test and HCG is 11
2 Oct - fourth blood test and HCG is 7

Throughout this I've been monitoring at home with First Response tests, and am still getting faint positives. I know that First Response tests are much more sensitive than advertised (I know a couple of people have said they've got positives with a blood HCG of 2), so I can accept this. However, this morning I took what was supposed to be a 10miu test (internet cheapie) and got a very faint positive! Just now, more hydrated, I'm getting a negative on the 10miu test.

However, I'm finding it so hard to believe that a test designed to pick up 10miu could be picking up a blood HCG of 7, even if I'm dehydrated. I'm so scared that my HCG has plateaued or gone up and that something is wrong.

I'm having another blood test today and will get the results tomorrow but I'm just going crazy with anxiety.

Thank you all,


Re: So scared HCG isn't dropping quickly enough

  • I hope your test went well, I see it has been awhile since you posted, but figured I would respond in case you still were wondering.

    Some pregnancy tests will pick  up a lower level than  they say they can, they  just have to at least detect that number.  Also, urine count vs blood count  can vary from each other.  Urine would most likely be a little higher.

    Also, molar pregnancy would most likely give much higher numbers.  1 week after my D&C, my hcg was around 16,000, it was 12,000 the next day.  The next week it was 5,500ish, then dropped to 3,000 a week later.  Then rose to 4,000, dropped again to 2,000, a second d&c and a methotrexate injection later, 6 weeks from my first d&c, it is now 104.
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