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Friday GIF Party: Fictional Identity

Ok ladies! Let's have some fun this Friday with a good GIF Party! Today's theme: GIF of a fictional character you identify with. Are they your alter ego? Do you strive to have their sass or love of life? Anything goes here! Enjoy!

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Re: Friday GIF Party: Fictional Identity

  • ldawngirl781ldawngirl781 member
    edited October 2017

    Veronica Mars is my spirit animal. I wish I could vocalize all the thoughts in my head like she does, but I have to live in the real world. 
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  • In my younger days....

    Now it's more like

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  • At this very moment?

  • Normally I’m a clean freak 

    but lately im so wiped out after the kids go to bed...

  • winnie1122winnie1122 member
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    Ok first gif in a very long time so bear with me if I edit multiple times to get it to work...lol

    Omg why am I so bad at this.

    Muahaha I got it. Linda is my favorite, I’m not as awesomely outspoken as she is but I secretly wish I was. She’s hilarious.

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