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Sisters Doctors Apt (TW)

I had a miscarriage and my baby would have been one last month. Today I called my sister to wish her luck at her first doctors appt (she's pregnant). I'm at work in the bathroom now she just called me and told me everything is looking great and she got to hear the heartbeat. I'm so happy for her and her husband. I'm hiding in the bathroom at work crying. It just brings up so many emotions for me. Today is a happy but a tough day. Any cheering up will help ❤️

Re: Sisters Doctors Apt (TW)

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    I'm sorry you had a tough day. I guess it's a bit of a good thing that this board is pretty quiet but I know how much it means to have someone listen sometimes. It's ok to be sad and happy at the same time, this is all part of this roller coaster ride. I hope your sister has a very healthy pregnancy and hopefully you can join her soon. 
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