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Endless miscarriage - please help :(

I was wondering whether anybody has had a similar experience to me, as I seem to be having an endless miscarriage and my anxiety at the moment is debilitating.

Back in mid-August at my 12-week scan I found out that my baby had died at about 8 or 9 weeks. I took misoprostol, which only partially worked. Some of the tissue that came out got stuck, and they had to pull it out with forceps. I took misoprostol again a couple of weeks later, and it didn't work at all. In mid-September I had an MVA to get rid of the retained tissue. I had a scan and was given the all clear after the MVA, but 4 days later on 17th September I passed another 3cm piece of tissue (not a blood clot)! Nearly all of the pregnancy tissue has been analysed and no signs of any molar tissue are evident, at least.

I've only just started having my HCG levels monitored unfortunately, and they were at 18 on both the 18th and 21st September. I was terrified that the plateau meant there was something wrong. I stopped bleeding completely on 22nd September (there was only a tiny amount of spotting before) and when I had my blood tested again on 27th September my HCG had come down to 11.

I'm glad that there is a drop (even though it's a bit slow) but I'm still so scared that I'll plateau again (or rise!!) or that I have more retained tissue or that it'll take months for my normal cycle to resume. I'm having more bloods taken on 2nd October, and maybe a scan based on the results.

Also today I had the tiniest amount of bleeding again (pink, not brown) but I'm sure it can't be my period / ovulation bleeding because my HCG isn't at 0 yet. I'm still getting very faint positives on First Response tests so I'm guessing my HCG is between 7 and 11.

Has anybody been through anything like this? Any responses would be so appreciated.

Re: Endless miscarriage - please help :(

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    I'm so sorry you're going through this, that sounds so awful. I haven't gone through this since I had a D&E after my loss, so they got everything then, but I did get my period back before my HCG got to zero (I was still getting a faint line on a pregnancy test at least). It came 5 weeks exactly after my loss. So I hope that even though your HCG levels aren't 0 yet, they're headed that way and that you're cycles will get back to regular soon!
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    Thanks for your response fishee. Had some really good news that my HCG has dropped again today to 8 :) So relieved that things are going in the right direction. I don't think I'm going to be able to shake the anxiety and dread until I'm back to 0 and my normal cycles have resumed, but I really just need to try to man up and stop being so silly! Also, goes to show how sensitive First Response tests are... still getting faint positives, and haven't on any other tests for days and days!
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