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Organic whole food baby vitamins

I want to start giving my 15 mo old son a multi vitamin. Dr said his vitamin d and iron are low. He gave me supplements to give him, but I’m honeslty not comfortable with them. I know these are synthetic vitamins. I have been searching up and down for an organic whole food vitamin that is okay for him and I can’t find any. Anything that I like is for ages 4 and up. Any suggestions? 

Re: Organic whole food baby vitamins

  • Honest company makes a lot of organic baby stuff. Maybe check to see if they make any. Also whole cow's milk usually has enough iron and vitamin d that you don't need supplements.
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  • I have to chime in and say cows milk does not provide iron to children and in fact can cause iron deficiency. There is some good info pertaining to this in the link below.

    Smarty pants gummies are safe for kids 2 and up, they have organic ingredients where possible and are 3rd party independently tested which is one thing that's super important in a supplement. They also have the best technology available for bioavailability. Supplements are just not as well absorbed as food, but I've been taking the prenatal version of them for years and i love them. They do not contain iron and you might consider floridix as a whole food iron supplement or find a kid friendly iron supplement. 

    Good luck!
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