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Happy Birthday Johnny Atticus!

Little man turned 1 today!


Re: Happy Birthday Johnny Atticus!

  • Aw. I seriously can't even. He is the first Bday of our small dwindled Oct16 family. Congrats @AllyTheKid on getting through the ups and downs of babies first year. Johnny is a beautiful baby and I am blessed to have you in my BMB. You have always been open and honest and I've always admired your raw posts and big heart. I know I'm not just speaking for myself on this one and I'm sure there are some past bumpies who still occasionally pop in who would also be happy to see Johnny smiling and happy in his first Bday pics. You are a great Mama and friend to us, you've helped me and many others along the way during our pregnancies and during babies first year with great BTDT Mom advice, commiseration on Man problems and all around support and laughs.

     I apologize for being super sentimental tonight, these birthdays are going to hit me hard. Its been a crazy year and I'm already reminiscing on the days of sore nipples, googling everything, snuggly wide eyed babies and tiny features. Our babies are all growing and developing so fast and I have a feeling the momentum will just keep accelerating. Love you all!
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  • Awww happy birthday johnny!! Gosh I can't believe he is a year old! Makes me so sad how quickly our LOs are growing.
  • Happy birthday Johnny!
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  • Happy Birthday Johnny!  Time does fly. @brzvice Articulated everything so well. 
  • @brzvice Dang girl, you really caught me off guard in the feels with that :) In the best possible way, of course. Thank you, you sweet woman you <3 I'm riding the sentiment bus right along with you, it's insane how quickly this year has gone by, seriously. Is it just me, or did 2016 feel like an eternity and '17 just been a blink? Our babes are nearly tots... 

    I really, truly couldn't ask for a better group of women to share this with. Thank each of you for being who you are!
  • He is adorable!!! I haven't checked in for so long, and am so glad to see you still posting here, and am overjoyed to see pics of Johnny. He is too cute. Congrats Mama!!

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  • @Pupatella Thanks Mama! How are you and your little??
  • Hey @AllyTheKid!! We are doing good. First year passed so so fast. It's just crazy how quickly they grow up. I wish I could freeze him at about 6 weeks old and have a Groundhog Day experience for a good few years. :)

    Joseph was slow on the physical skills. He didn't start crawling until about 10-11 months old, but faster on the language development. The doctor explained it to me like this: can you learn a foreign language while also trying to concentrate on learning gymnastics? That made me feel so much better!! It's crazy how many words he can say, but I bet he's a couple months away from taking independent steps. That's fine with me. :)

    Here is a picture that was taken of us on his one year birthday...why can't I upload an image?? 

    I am so happy to see you guys still communicating here!! I have to drop by more often. It's so nice reading everyone's updates.

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  • So glad to hear you guys are doing well! He'll be walking around in no time! Savor your non-walking while it lasts, seems like running comes quickly afterwards and that's a whole new ball game haha
    My boys are the opposite, they are movers but not talkers... Jimmy is 2.5 now and just NOW starting to make two-word phrases instead of grunts and one word -_- but he understands everything and he's been evaluated so we know he isn't behind :) and that's pretty much what his doctor said, he's focused on mobility, not so much speech! 

    Definitely pop in more! It's so good when some of you OG's stop in!
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