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Baby Wearing Questions Thread

Let's talk baby wearing!!!

There are so many options out there and I'm sure lots of people have questions and feedback to give!

Re: Baby Wearing Questions Thread

  • So with DS I tried a Moby and found it ridiculously hot (May baby). I'm trying to find a lighter option and found the Solly wrap. They don't sell them in Canada so I'd have to take the plunge and order online without trying it first. Does anyone have any feedback?

    We used a Beco Gemini once he was 3-4 months and I highly recommend it!!
  • I needed this thread in my life. Please, recommendations for someone who's small framed, hasn't worked out in four years and therefore has zero muscles, will be putting it on alone 90% of the time (the one we bought for my daughter was damn near impossible to put on without help) , and who has a bad back. 

    Long story short: HAAALLLLPPPP 
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    @ShawnnaO, I'm 5'2" and have really bad neck/shoulder problems. I really loved my Beco Gemini for when they're a bit older (not the newborn stage). The straps criss cross at the back which I felt really gave me better back support than the shoulder straps. Once I got the hang of putting him in on my own, I had no issues with it. Frequently did it in the parking lot to go grocery shopping. 

    I can't comment on newborn stage. Because I desperately want advice on that (hence my reason of starting this thread haha)
  • I LOved the beco Gemini. I actually used it right from the beginning (it’s safe to do so after 7lbs).
    i also have an ergo that I loved once my girls got bigger (around 6 months). I have a ring sling but I don’t love it. 
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    I use a ring sling from newborn until head control.  Then I use a Tula.  If you want lightweight, Sakura bloom has single linen slings that are great.  Threading it and adjusting is the hardest part, but YouTube can help.  I put the kids to my back and move on as soon as they are able and move on with life.  I still wear my four year old, two year, and one year old so most daily with the Tula.
  • Hi there! I am pretty sure I posted on introductions but haven’t replied to anything this whole time. Anyways....

    @justkeeptrying we had the SAME problem with the moby. I bought the solly with my son and loved it! And it has a pocket which is nice for keys. I will say that babywearing in general will leave you kinda  hot  and there really isn’t a whole lot you can do. That said, solly is made from a material much more breathable than the moby and definitely was not as warm as the moby. The general recommendation for babywearing is to find a babywearing group in your area and check out the carriers first hand. Many groups have lending libraries and (for a small fee) you can check out different carriers and find one that works for you..also, not sure if this is true for every group, but ours has babywearing educators at the meetings to help ensure you are properly using the carrier.

    Ultimately, I liked the solly, but ended up preferring a ring sling to the solly because it was easier to manage (solly, like other wraps, felt like a lot of fabric to work with to me) and most ring slings allow you to use beyond the first 3 months....solly has a pretty low weight limit and its stretchy fabric can cause baby to move down and you end up having to readjust often (in our experience). Tula makes buckle carriers that can be used from the newborn stage beyond with a mesh material to help promote airflow- you might want to check it out too! I’ve heard good things about beco, but no personal experience with it. Again, if you have a babywearing group in your area, it would be a great place to start! 

  • What @awolfff said. I'm thinking about joining my local chapter of Babywearing International. Mine definitely has a whole library of different kinds of carriers that you can check out for a month or whatever, try it out, and then if you like it, buy one of those and if you hate it, try another. Other people will help you check fit and find what works for your frame and what won't. What one woman swears by can be the most uncomfortable thing for the next. My understanding for mine is that you just pay one $30 membership fee for the year. 

    A couple of the things I have heard though:
    1. Keep trying. One person said to just put the carrier on and put the baby in it every day for a month. Even if it's just for 30 seconds. It'll help both you and the baby learn how to do it. And, that way, you're able to learn the muscle memory in the comfort of your home surrounded by soft things instead of out and about while people gawk and you worry about pavement. It also helps create that habit. 

    2. If the carrier you're using is uncomfortable, find someone to help you. They may be able to adjust it better for you or you may both come to the conclusion that it's just not the right one for you.

    3. If you think it is beautiful and you love it and you feel pretty wearing it, you're a million times more likely to use it. So even if one would fit both of us, I definitely want to get one for him and one for me. He's not going to want to wear the one I think is beautiful and I'm not going to be in love with the one he thinks is acceptable. H is getting a dude one and I'm getting a pretty one. 
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  • I have a small collection that is a combo of some woven wraps and a Lillebaby structured carrier.  The Lillebaby is fast and easy and breathable and supportive.  The wovens are fun and pretty and you can use all kinds of different carries.  It depends on my mood, how quickly I need to get one of them up, and which kid I'm carrying.  Right now the 30-pound toddler only goes in the LB on my back!  He's too heavy for me to mess with wovens when pregnant!
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  • @heatherdubrow, I didn't realize the Gemini was safe for newborn. Do you need an insert? Or anything different for so little? I didn't get mine until my son was 3 months so we never used any sort of insert or anything. 
  • Oh my sweet lord baby Jesus why is the Gemini so expensive?
  • I've used an Ergo and then a Tula with my 2nd child.  I prefer the Tula and we baby wore on daily basis for the first year.  
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    So, I have to share the carrier I used because I tried quite a few before I fell in love with this bad boy.  With DS I used an Emeibaby carrier. It's made in Germany and it's a hybrid carrier - it is a buckle carrier (like a Tula) but the body part of it is more like a sling carrier. Because it's adjustable like a sling, you can use it from birth up to about 35 pounds. It's a little pricey (about $160 full price) but I think it's completely worth it because you're always able to adjust the rings to get a perfect fit. is the link with all their cute patterns. Some baby boutiques sell them too in other patterns. Here's the one I have:
    I tried other carriers - a moby wrap, ergo 360, ring slings, a tula, etc and they were either not convenient or I just couldn't get a good fit. 
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  • ShawnnaO said:
    Oh my sweet lord baby Jesus why is the Gemini so expensive?
    Because it’s amazing!
  • @justkeeptrying you can do it with a wide seat and legs in or narrow seat legs out. No insert needed
  • I have a Lillebaby—both a regular and a toddler carrier. I love them. I bought the mesh so that at least one of use gets breathability in the desert. And I love how easy they are to go on. I’m 5’7” and have a bad back and carry all the stress in my shoulders. I can carry my 26 lb DS easier in that than in my arms. And he still likes front carry. :neutral:
  • I only survived my daughter's first year or so because of babywearing. Seriously- she was (and is) super-high needs. When she was little, she didn't tolerate being put down. She lived in the Boba wrap. We also have an Ergo that we used more when she was a little bigger. It came with a newborn insert, but I preferred the Boba at that point. I started taking her out in it when she was 4 days old. I might get another one if this baby is very spit-uppy like my first. It's nice to have a spare wrap for when one is in the laundry, and Boba wraps are affordable enough to do that. I got one for $30, new, on eBay.
  • @heatherdubrow, good to know!! Thank you!

    @ShawnnaO, I agree. They aren't cheap. BUT they generally have really awesome resale value. I bought mine used for just under a new price. I definitely plan to sell it after this next baby has outgrown it. 
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    @bb3vj3n I'd highly suggest finding a Babywearing International chapter close to you (or a similar group) and go to a meeting. My local chapter has a lending library of carriers that you can try on or borrow, and they are a huge help with fit and finding a good carrier for you.

    If there's not a BWI near you, usually you can search "(your city) babywearers" on facebook and a local group will come up. :smile:
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  • I am normally 100% a "go try it on" person. But we don't have th Solly wrap here so I have to either find someone who has one, or order it online just to try it. Ugh!! Wish we sold them in Canada!!
  • @ashleyf911 thank you i will look into that. very helpful
  • When I started out, I bought a stretchy wrap (solly wrap is a good one) and just followed instructions for the front wrap cross carry. That's a great newborn carry to start with. As the baby got older I joined the local chapter of babywearing international and the Facebook group was a big help with questions, sharing tutorials, and beginner suggestions. There is a whole market for buying and selling woven wraps, and many are expensive...some handwovens can be up to $1000 or more. There's a lot to learn, so I always suggest researching and watching tutorials to help find a good choice for your first wrap or carrier. Attending the babywearing meet ups is helpful because you can sign out/test different types from the lending library and find what works best for your needs. I purchased a ring sling first, then a woven wrap in my base size, and from there I just practiced a ton. it was really helpful for me because I struggled with a difficult recovery with postpartum depression, while working full time from home with no maternity leave. She had reflux and was a high needs baby, so babywearing allowed me to keep her close to me and help her digestion while I got other stuff done. lifesaver. 
  • With my first, I started off with a K'tan and then fell down the rabbit hole of woven wraps. I LOVE wovens, and am glad I saved most of my stash for this baby. I'm 5'2 and have terrible shoulders but really enjoy the flexibility of positioning/tightening/fit I can get with a woven. There's a learning curve, but I feel like it's worth it. I've since sold my K'tan and will go straight to the wovens. Also, my son was super small for a full term baby when he was born (5 lb 12 oz), and I had to wait a bit before I could safely get him in a K'tan (or most other carriers), and I won't have that issue with a wrap. 

    I do want/need to get a structured carrier though. Ideally, I want one I can use from young infant through a somewhat mobile baby. I borrowed a friends Ergo and wasn't a huge fan. I've been eyeing the Tula Free to Grow, but am pretty open. My main use for it will be for babywearing fitness classes. Does anyone have suggestions?

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  • @day38, the only SSC I have ever tried has been the Lillebaby, but I know it doesn't need an infant insert, so you can use it early on.
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    My best friend has a bunch of the options I was looking at, so we put 7 pounds of new potatoes in a pillowcase and I tried them all on. the Tula one cut into my muffin top area uncomfortably and very unflatteringly. I decided on the Beco gemini and a ring sling, but I am still interested in the Katan (sp?)
    we were given an original Ergo, a friend just never used it, I don't want to deal with inserts and it just doesn't fit me as well as the gemini, so my husband will use that one when the baby is a little older. I was worried about a ring sling because I have back issues and one really fucked up shoulder, but when I tried it on I realized it can actually take all the weight off the bad shoulder which felt good. FWIW, I am 5' 10" and currently 224 pounds, which is high for me due to a few factors, particularly hypothyroid, but even if I get back to my normal 150-160 weight down the line, I am on the larger side for a woman being tall and fairly large framed (I look boney at 130 pounds)

    eta: I am a big lady.
  • I used the Boba 4G. If you're using it from birth, you likely need an infant insert but I love it. I wore my son till he was 15 months (and I was 6ish months pregnant). I sold it after our daughter because I was convinced I was done making babies. It had great resale, I think I got in the ballpark of 80$ for it. 

    I dont know what I'll do about a carrier this time. I could buy a single and play favourites or I've seen a twin carrier but apparently it isn't easy to get in Canada. I also don't see the longevity in it. 
  • @syssa-o The twin carriers look uncomfortable AF. I don't get how people wear them. 
  • @vflux33 they do look pretty awful for all parties involved. I'm likely going to get another Boba (hopefully used) assuming there will be plenty of opportunities where one needs to be held and the other is otherwise occupied. 
  • @syssa-o My sister is insisting on getting us ergos (MH gets one too) with infant inserts. I figure when I'm alone with them I'll put the fussier one in there. But yeah hard pass on those twin ones. 
  • @kiki75 I’ve used the beco Gemini and the ergo (after 6mos) while walking my German shepherd and golden retriever. I found the beco to be super secure, no issues with bending over (especially with the straps crossed in the back. The ergo was great too but without the infant insert
  • @day38 lillebaby is a great one for that purpose... lots of carry options, mesh option for hotter climates, etc. it's very secure and both DH and I liked can cinch the seat for infants and let it out as they grow. I haven't tried the new Tula free to grow though. Other than that, most other buckle carriers like the regular Tula, kinderpack, etc. all have standard, toddler and preschool sizes and it really depends on the size of your child. My DD is very petite so we can still use the standard size at 2.5 years old probably. 
  • Also if anyone is interested, 10% off today on solly baby wraps with code JP10

  • I definitely need a good carrier, DD will only be 20 months so ill need free hands when carrier the baby around. Im torn between a wrap and carrier, with my DD I used a Chico carrier maybe twice and both times her leg was discolored after idk if it was just the carrier or the fact she was chunkier or I put her in wrong. But this time I'm leaning towards a wrap i think so the material is softer 
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  • I've been looking at the K'tan breeze or active. Any input on these? @barrelocarol I think you were the only one who mentioned the k'tan. 

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  • I've been looking at the K'tan breeze or active. Any input on these? @barrelocarol I think you were the only one who mentioned the k'tan. 
    The k'tan was the very first thing I ever tried.  It's super  easy and good for when they are tiny.  Also a gateway drug to woven wraps ;)
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  • I've been looking at the K'tan breeze or active. Any input on these? @barrelocarol I think you were the only one who mentioned the k'tan. 
    The k'tan was the very first thing I ever tried.  It's super  easy and good for when they are tiny.  Also a gateway drug to woven wraps ;)
    That's what I'm hoping for! I used an Infantino Mei Tai with my first and really liked it but I didn't feel comfortable with it until she was older. Do you have any insight on the different types of k'tans (breeze, active, original, organic)?

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  • @notthefather, I think the Breeze is what I got because I live in a hot climate and had a summer baby.  I couldn't give you any insight to compare because I only tried the one.  
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