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  • @coco305 I’m so sorry. I can only imagine what a scare that was. So glad the baby is fine though. Please don’t blame yourself because these things can happen no matter how careful you are. There is so much blood flow going there now and the cervix is so vascular which makes it bleed easily. I hope you have a relaxing week and no more bleeding. 
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  • @coco305 sending you lots of love and good wishes.  That’s so scary.  I’m so glad everything looks ok and hope you are able to relax physically and mentally for a bit 
  • @coco305 I am actually on bedrest all this week due to SCH (hopefully I am okay Monday). I have had huge clots and red bleeding about 7 or 8 times total. I think by the RE scanning after each bleeding scare actually made mine a lot worse. Heed my warning and take it easy... bedrest sucks! 

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    @Crystal321 I hope that you'd recover earlier than Monday. You'll be on my thoughts and prayers.
  • @coco305 I hope and pray everything is ok for you.  Rest and hope for the best.  Hopefully this was just a scare and everything will be okay.  No matter what though don’t blame yourself, I know easier said than done.  Thinking of you and hope today is ok. 

    @crystal321 I didn’t know you were on bedrest!  What does SCH stand for?  I hope everything is okay and you get taken off on Monday.  I'll keep you in my thoughts/prayers too. 

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  • @2MomsHoping it stands for subchorionic hemorrhaging. Basically the inside of my uterus is bruised and will start hemorrhaging blood :/ it was going on for about two weeks even with pelvic bedrest, so my doctor is making me stay in bed until it heals up

  • @coco305 Oh no! That is so scary! I hope you’re feeling better today. Definitely take it easy and don’t blame yourself! I’ve seen a bunch of people on these boards with sch and it’s not your fault. Lots and lots of hugs!

    @crystal321 You, too?! I’m sorry to hear about your sch and bedrest. I hope you heal up quickly so you can get back on your feet—literally.  :D
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  • Oh @Crystal321 I had no idea you were going through this. So sorry, it's very scary. I am heeding your warning and I am in bed. Basically just getting up for the bathroom. Thankfully I've only spotted since my RE visit. But I'm still traumatized from what happened initially. 

    And thank you ladies for the encouragement. The dr never said it was an sch, that the placenta looked attached, there were no tears, but that clearly that's where I was bleeding from. I guess that is an sch??? I had literally just had my last appt with him Monday (where I cried and begged him to keep me all 9 months, cause I love him and his nurses that much) and when he saw me Thursday, he's like you can't get enough of me can you?? Lol 
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    @coco305 it's hard to say whether it is or isn't, on the US they will see a small pocket of sorts and that is the SCH. If your doctor didn't find one and point it out, it's probably just 1st tri bleeding (common when on high progesterone coupled with sex, wand probes, etc.) But still I would rest up!

    ETA, and I know it's probably TMI, but straining from constipation most likely caused mine, lol

  • @crystal321 lol I'm having the opposite problem. I'm thankfully only spotting occasionally, but I am truly resting, it's the only way I'll get better. I have to go back Monday for bloodwork, since my progesterone dropped a little. And then Tues my first ob appt, as long as I am not bleeding. Have you gone to the ob yet? You're not too far behind me. 
  • @coco305 not yet. They won't release me until 12 weeks at the earliest I don't think. I am at 8 weeks, so it's close. I just hope this doesn't delay it

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    Hello. How's everyone doing? 

    AFM, dr saw a 28mm (prob a chocolate cyst) on my left ovary and a 14mm follicle. I read that cysts are common during IVF cycles so I'm not that worried, but for 2 days now, that side where the cyst is, is quite sensitive to the touch and it bothers me a bit. I didn't have this feeling when I had a 7cm one on my right (already taken out last Jan). Oh, and I'd just like to add, it doesn't hurt when we BD, it is just uncomfortable when that side is pressed to the kitchen sink or when I slightly pull up my pants. Has anyone experienced the same thing?
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