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my ultrasound isn't until next Wednesday and my doctor and me believe I am 8-9 weeks, but I look a little too big for 8-9 weeks right? lol. At what week did some of you ladies begin to show? And could this be an indication of twins?  

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  • Probably not an indicator of twins. You probably just have a ton of bloating. Are you a FTM or STM? The second time around your body just knows what to do and you usually get bigger a little quicker. BUT, you never know. It could be twins. Just wait for the US to know for sure!
  • Bloat for the win 
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  • Even if you had twins, at 8 weeks they would be the size of 2 blueberries so no way you would be showing! Poop, gas and water retention are probably the answer!
  • I am a FTM. But it's weird, sometimes I've drank a lot of water, pooped & my belly is still the same size. 
  • I'm thinking I'm just further along than 8 weeks. 
  • It's probably gas
  • Most likely bloat. Early pregnancy hormones cause it.
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  • Early pregnancy tends to make you bloat an ungodly amount. My first I BARELY showed at almost 5 months. This time around week 3 my body was like, "Hey, I'm going to make you look 5 months pregnant NOW." Everyone's different, but be prepared for the high probability that this is just how your body is reacting to this stage of pregnancy. And know that many women can commiserate. 
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