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Connor's Birth Story

I feel like I was one of the last ones on here to have the baby, but I thought anyone still waiting on a C-Section might find it interesting or be able to ask questions.  It was scheduled and I never thought I would make it to that day. We went in at 6 for our 8 oclock surgery. We found out it was a very busy time there and nurses were running around like crazy. We also learned there would be students watching everything. Once in the operating room it took a couple times to get my spinal to take but prepping everything else was smooth. It didnt seem like DH was there more than 10 mins before Connor was out. We were team green so right away everyone was yelling its a boy! They cleaned him up and DH got him right away while they did my tubal and put me back together. During this time DH had him next to me while we were still deciding a name.  Since there were students our OB was walking them through everything she was doing which was weird to hear. They keep you in the same room besides the operation so I just went back to our first room. We asked for no visitors for the first two hours so it was just DH, myself and a nurse. I got to do skin to skin and breastfed as soon as we were there. That was amazing! I got sick once an hr after but other than that it was a great first day. I was up and moving day 2 which was the worst of the pain. He staued in our room the whole time besides his check ups once a day. We went home day 3.  Now it is day 5 and I am just sore getting up and down but so much better. This was way smoother than my first. He is perfect and healthy. My milk finally came in yesterday and our feedings are getting easier. I am excited for his first check up tomorrow.

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