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Recommendations for keeping car seat & baby cool?

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Hi moms !
wondering if you have any tips for keeping babys car seat cool.  It is so hot where we live I recently started driving my daughter to daycare rather than walk (5 min drive vs 20 min walk).  It's ok dropping her off but when I pick her up she fights and resists getting into the car seat.  The drive is not long enough for the car to cool and the back seat feels even hotter and I'm sure her seat even worse with all the padding...  I imagine that's the main reason she will not get in it and I feel bad fighting her for it as if I manage to do it she is soaked in sweat by time we get home...  Any tips you've found helpful for car seats during summer time?  A friend recommended installing a portable fan and I just ordered one online but thought I'd check in case you all had any other tips or experience dealing with this.
Thanks in advance!

Re: Recommendations for keeping car seat & baby cool?

  • The only thing we've done is turn the car on a few min early to cool down the air. At the same time if it's super hot (we got up to 112 this summer!) we'll put one of those frozen cold/hot blue ice packs on the seat and/or buckle. 
  • We got a noggle for our car.  It's basically a long hose that you attach to your air vent and it pumps the air to the backseat near the car seat.  It's made car trips so much more pleasant since we got it
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  • Maybe reflective sunshades for the windows would work to keep the car slightly cooler? 
  • Cooltech car seat cooler (we got it on Amazon.) It's a big ice pack that fits in the freezer. Then you can fold it out into their seat so it doesn't get too hot. We use it when we got out to places like the zoo, and the car sits in the sun. But you can probably put it in to cool the seat down before picking up your girl. It is fantastic!
    We also have a noggle. It helps get air to the back, but probably wouldn't help with cooling the seat. 
  • There is this: 
    I've never tried it, but for that small amount, it would be worth a try. 
    At the beginning of summer, our car had no AC, and I would carry a spray bottle with water and mist her occasionally. If it was really hot, I'd just give her the bottle. A wet seat isn't a big deal if it's 90 degrees out. It will dry fast enough.

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