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what did your toddler say about the new baby?

Hey Bumpies, 

We know kids say the darndest things—especially when it comes to a baby sibling!

Can you recall something funny your toddler said about his or her new sib? Maybe your first-born thought baby was there only for a visit. Or maybe he or she had some strong opinions about the way baby cries, eats or sleeps.

Whatever was said, if it gave you a chuckle, please share it with us! We might even use it in a future article. Thank you!

Re: what did your toddler say about the new baby?

  • When I was pregnant my son was fascinated by my growing tummy, and whenever he saw a small baby he would pull me towards it saying "our baby, our baby" and he'd look at my belly and back to the stranger's baby thinking it was mine. 
  • DS is almost 7 and the new baby is quite a stretch away from being here...not due until 10-29. But he keeps asking when I'm going to the hospital so that they can take his babies out. I've explained there's only one baby and it needs a lot more time inside me to grow just like he did, lol but he insists he's going to tell my mom if I don't go right away to get his "babies" taken out.
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  • dory69dory69 member
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    Many thanks for your input.


  • so cute!
  • kathyniakathynia member
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    hm.. hello sister
  • Mine have all been very happy and  excited about their impending sibling.
  • stacemomstacemom member
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    my son is a very loving brother to her little sister.
  • It's so interesting topic!
  • elsastarkelsastark member
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    My son is 4, he wants to name a brother Kevin and a sister Lasagna Reliptica!!! ...??!
  • My son always tells new he loves his baby... but in the same breath he says can he shoot his baby with a nerf gun🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ he tells me mommy the baby needs t*tty milk or if he can give the baby t*tty milk😂😂😂 he just turned 4 last week
  • Who put the baby in your tummy, mummy? Lol!!!!
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