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First time mama here!  We are pretty seriously considering naming our daughter Thea (pronounced Thee-uh) Jordan but I like to hear all sides of things, all the pros and cons, before I make a big decision like this.  In the other forum I participate in, a couple of people mentioned that it can be pronounced Tee-uh or Tay-uh, but I think this might be somewhat regional/cultural? I have never heard either pronunciation, unless it was actually spelled Tia or Tea.  Jordan is a given, we are 100% using this for her middle name no matter what the first name ends up being.  Jordan is after my little brother who passed away unexpectedly when he was 13.  
Things we like about Thea Jordan:
1. Thea is short and sweet; our last name is a mouthful.
2.  Thea is feminine without being too trendy
3. We aren't a fan of nicknames, but would be ok if she chose in the future to go by TJ or Jordan

What are your thoughts?  Throw them at me.  If you don't like it, tell me why!!

Re: Thea Jordan

  • I like Thea and can't imagine it would have many pronunciation issues. Tea and Tia like you said are the only way I have heard Tee uh or Tay uh

  • I've only ever heard it pronounced Thee-uh. I like it a lot.
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  • I really like Thea. I've only heard it and understood it to be pronounced one way "Thee-uh"
  • I love it!! I've only heard it pronounced "thee-uh". Short and sweet. 
  • NMS, but no issues with Thea. And I can't believe many people would mess up the pronunciation
  • Thea seems easy to pronounce.  I like it with Jordan, feels like a nice contrast.  Thea always feels a little incomplete to me and I can't place why.  But it is pretty
  • I agree with @mb0112 Thea does feel a little incomplete. I think of it as a nn for Theodora, which in my opinion is a gorgeous name. I understand though that it's not everyone's style, and Thea is a lovely, less intense version of this name. 
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    I agree with pp's, Thea seems incomplete to me. It does seem to be short for Theodora. I have heard it pronounced "Thay-uh" rather than "Thee-uh" on occasion. Have you considered Thalia (pron "Thayl-ya")? It's of Greek origin and means "to flourish"  or "to bloom" which when combined with Jordan, might be a nice tribute. 

    Names that remind me of Thea are: 


  • If you are not sold on Thea and want alternatives, I like the suggestions from  @cantrellja especially Leah Jordan.  Adding other short and sweet suggestions-


  • I pronounce it thay-uh. I really like it.

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