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Maternity scrubs

I know some of you wear scrubs to work often, but can't remember who to PM about it. 
I wear scrubs just once a week on my surgery day but my regular size smalls have become very uncomfortable since the pants ride down and the top rides up. 
What brands/styles of maternity scrubs do you recommend?
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Re: Maternity scrubs

  • I got Cherokee Workwear from Scrubs and Beyond. It has the high waistband and they are very comfortable. 
  • I bought theses
    Cherokee Women's Maternity Knit Waist Pull-On Pant, Wine, Medium
    And these
    WonderWink Women's Wonderwork Maternity Pant, Wine, Medium

    It took many returns to find the right fit. But order your pre-pregnancy scrub size
  • I'm going to use my beband and current scrub pants for as long as possible. My pants are Urbane Performance cargos, a bit pricey but so comfy it's like wearing yoga pants. Last time I was able to make it to maternity leave this way. 

    I bought a Cherokee and a wonderwink scrub top. They'll do, kinda looks like a moo moo right now but it's so comfy I don't care. The only bugaboo I'm noticing with the maternity tops is that they are a lower V cut, which is so STUPID since I don't want to advertise my bigger breasts. Some creeps will think little flashes are intentional  :|
  • We use maternity scrubs at my hospital. They are SO comfortable. They are "Ave" brand. I get them from though (my company has an account there) - not sure if you can get them other places.
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