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Hi guys, I'm 27 weeks and was experiencing blood in my urine and back pain and cramping. I went for an ultrasound of my kidneys yesterday and it looks like I have 2 kidney stones. Anyone with experience in this? What will the dr do? Will this effect my baby or pregnancy in any way. I've just heard how painful they can be so trying not to freak out. Thank you ! 

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    I have actually been researching this as I have a history of kidney stones and am afraid of getting one while pregnant, but so far so good. I think you can take some pain pills though I am not sure what. I think the best option will be to see if it passes naturally, but they can't wait too long or you can end up doing damage to your kidneys. They may have to get it out through surgery because lithotripsy (sp) is not safe for pregnant women. Try drinking lemonade and anything else acidic, and drink TONS AND TONS of water to try to pass it naturally. Yes, the pain is almost unbearable at times but you will get through it. Think of it as preparing for natural childbirth. I'm sorry you are going through this, it's tough but you can do it. 
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  • I had a kidney stone during early pregnancy with my first baby. They doped me up on morphine and i got through it. Go to the ER when it starts to pass so they can give you something through an iv because oral pain pills including dilaudid doesnt work for kidney stones. At least not for the ones i had. If you can do this, labor will be a cake walk. Youll be alright. Just get to the hospital as soon as u feel it start passing.
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