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1st Birthdays Are Upon Us!!!

It is now the month for our little to turn one. How is that possible?!

Re: 1st Birthdays Are Upon Us!!!

  • Happy B-day X!!! September 1st holds a special place in my heart as it was my due date. 
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    We are having a cookout tomorrow for his birthday and lake time on Sunday. Glad his birthday will always be around a holiday weekend.

    @jellybiehn Happy Belated Birthday to your little one!!!
  • Happy birthday little dude! I can't believe it's coming up for us. We have a few more weeks. Bittersweet for sure.
  • So exciting to see kiddos turning 1!!!

    Random question for anyone that bought a dual-sided infant/toddler mattress:  when do you switch to toddler? We have a Sealy one and I can't seem to find sufficient info on it online. Maybe it says it on the mattress. Technically they're toddlers at a year, but is that too soon?
  • Happy Birthday little X and @jellybiehn baby!  :) I can't believe how fast this year has gone!
    @Sbrown721 I had no idea there were infant and toddler mattresses? Ours is just... a mattress I guess??
  • Happy birthday Elias! That picture is the cutest!  <3
  • Happy Birthday Elias! So cute!
  • Happy birthday babies! I feel like this year has gone so fast 
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  • Lord he is a tall boy. He must be off the charts for height.
  • He's been in the 99 percentile but hit a huge growth spurt. I need to get him in for his 1 year appt soon. Haha 
  • He's huge!!!
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