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WTF Wednesday | 8/30

What's making you say WTF today?
Me: late 30s | H: early 30s
TTC #1 since April 2015
RE Dx: Fibroids, surgery Jan 2016
IUI #1 and #2, Nov/Dec 2016, BFN
IVF March 2017: ER - 5R/3M/3F, 1 PGS normal
Polyp removed May 2017
FET May 2017 - BFP!
Baby boy born 2/2/18

Re: WTF Wednesday | 8/30

  • My OB gave me a prescription for my migraines.  It has caffeine in it.  I was reading the warnings and it said may cause drowsiness.  Are you kidding?  With caffeine in it?  And I still feel like a walking zombie anyway.  The last thing I need is something that causes drowsiness.  It is helping my headache though.  Yay!
  • Students come back Tuesday. Admin is cracking down on paper. We each get one case per quarter which is fine bc if I don't have paper they can pick their noses for 60minutes but they refuse to give us our paper until Friday. Seriously? So we can have lines atthe freaking g copier?  Idiots. I swear. 
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  • @smorzandoj I literally have back-to-school nightmares about running out of paper after being limited like that.  

    My WTF has to do with paper and school, too. Specifically, white paper (and staples), because we don't have any. They forgot to order it at the end of last year. 
  • We luckily have no limits on paper! We don't have codes and all of the paper just stays in the photocopy room! 

    I think my WTF Wednesday would have to be the daycare in town! I talked to one lady and she told me they had no room for kids for a casual list and then talked to another lady and she said there is definitely room and they usually have 2 or 3 casual spots open a day!! Such a pain when I need a back up daycare!!
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