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Julia or Juliet/Juliette

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I think my husband and I are down to two names.  Which one do you prefer and which spelling?  Does Juliet/Juliette sound pretentious?  We just liked the name, so we don't want to sound like we're trying too hard.  I also don't believe it's very popular, but I could see it becoming trendy.

Julia or Juliet/Juliette 42 votes

35% 15 votes
47% 20 votes
16% 7 votes

Re: Julia or Juliet/Juliette

  • They are both pretty. I do not think Juliet/Juliette is one of those names that sounds like the parents were trying too hard. My preference is to spell it with one T
  • Juliet is one of my absolute favorites for a girl.  Definitely not trying too hard.  All three are great choices.
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  • I think Julia and Juliet(te) are both great. I voted for Juliet.
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