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Diastasis recti

Anyone have diastasis recti from a previous pregnancy? Is there anything that you are doing to help it from getting worse with this pregnancy? Do you or your doctors recommend some sort of support belt? Lets talk about it!

Re: Diastasis recti

  • @mayapple44 Good suggestion! I just recently noticed I do have this from DD and not too sure what I should be doing to help. Thanks!
  • Well I just googled what this is! And I have it too!! I haven't asked my doctor about it but I might have to at my next appointment! 
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  • The only information I seem to be finding is how to prevent it during pregnancy, but nothing on what if you have it already going into pregnancy. 
  • Yup, I have it, too and have been wondering the same thing. Planning to ask my midwife at my next appointment. Also trying to be mindful of how I get in and out of bed and bend to pick things up (including my toddler), as my pelvic floor PT had said the daily functional movements were the most important to focus on in healing my DR (which never completely closed). 
  • I thought mine had healed but judging from my 16 week belly, it hadn't. Mine are separated already and probably hadn't repaired since my son. I have been told not use my abs for things like getting in and out of bed and not to do any exercises / chores etc on all fours. And apparently once the baby is out is IS fixable. It just takes longer and some dedication. If anyone has tips I would love to hear them! I think core work that focuses on the transverse abs is good. 
  • Also, my midwife didn't seem to think it was anything unusual or anything to worry about, which is reassuring. 
  • NPR just did this story about this personal trainer who has published a study showing 100% effectiveness for fixing diastasis recti postpartum.


    BUT she also has a prenatal program with exercise videos on her website, and recommendeds the same exercise for pregnant women. 

    You may not be able to totally fix your diastasis if you had it going into pregnancy, but I feel like doing her exercises could only help. I bought a one month subscription for $12.95 just to check it out and learn the main exercise (it's basically tightening your lower abs in a certain way for 5-10 mins straight and breathing- sounds easy but it takes a lot of concentration). I like the other prenatal workouts she has too so I'll probably buy another couple months. They are all like 25 mins and low impact. 
  • Thanks, @seltzerinstead! Going to look into this.
  • @seltzerinstead I will take a look! My PT has me sit on a Swiss ball and contract the lower transverse abs and count and breathe - I wonder if it is a similar technique? 
  • @LydRussell sounds pretty much the same. 
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