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Skin rashes and sore nipples

     Has anyone had any weird skin problems? I live in Arizona and the women in my office keep it hot. Ive developed a skin rash between my breasts. A real bummer because my nipples are now ridiculously sore and chapped. Ive been using lanolin and clotrimazole. I'm at 15 weeks this sunday and so far this is my least favorite part.

Re: Skin rashes and sore nipples

  • I'm currently experiencing dry skin, and eczema on my face. It's really irritating and I feel like I'm growing fish scales on my face lol I just try my best to moisturise as much as possible throughout the day but it really feels like not much helps :( might have to head to my doctor and ask for something a little stronger to help with the dryness and itching 

  • @1excitedftm, that sounds like it may be a heat rash. Are you able to put a fan at your desk? 
    I've got what I think is petechiae (broken blood vessels) all over my stomach and breasts. It looks like a ton of tiny red dots in clusters; kind of like what happens under eyes when you throw up too much. No idea how to deal with it. 
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