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First period after MC

Hello all. I lost our first pregnancy on July 17. It was a natural MC and I stopped bleeding about 2 weeks after. Now I've started my period, and I was wondering if it is normal to have it be a longer period. I did pass a large piece of tissue (sorry if this is TMI), and then bleeding started again. It keeps getting heavier and then lighter and then heavier. Its only been 7 days, which is normal for my cycles. Its the bleeding going back and forth that's different.

Sorry if this is a ridiculous post. I just worry after everything else that's happened.


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    I don't know the answer to your question, but it sounds promising that you did start your first period again naturally!  I am hoping that will happen in the coming months for me. Did you go back to your obgyn after passing everything naturally after 2 weeks so they could check you out?  Maybe you could see your obgyn so they can do an ultrasound and check your uterine lining. Hopefully it is only a few days more but if it is longer than normal that will be something to tell them too.  They can see if you have a thick or thinner lining that usual and that there isn't anything else abnormal going on.  They could also test your hormone levels. That's the best I can think of, sorry don't have all the answers but I like when others reply to me so thought I would. : )
    I'm hoping that its a good sign! I went back for blood work the following week, then again two weeks later, and I'm going for what should be the last time next week. It has been a few days longer, but nothing major. They didn't do extra ultrasounds because the ER was very thorough when I had the miscarriage. Both the ER doctor and the OB looked over the ultrasounds and they were both certain there wasn't any tissue left. 

    Thanks for the answer, and I hope that happens for you as well. 
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    It might be normal. I had to have a D&C (which I had done on July 31) after a missed abortion with my baby after discovering there was no heartbeat with a sonogram on July 28. I started having spotting on September 3 and it continued the next day. Then, I "officially" got my period on September 5 and it lasted for the usual four days. Not sure if the two days of spotting counted as my actual period, but from what I've read online from other women who have had similar experiences, that's common.

    I'm not sure if what you describe is your period or if you still had some tissue left over from the miscarriage. Did you have a D&C done after you miscarried?
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