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Breastfeeding better the second time around?

Hi everyone! Due in october.  Wondering if any moms had a better breastfeeding experience the second time around.  I had horrible excruciating pain for seven months with my daughter.  There were times I tried to stop but because I also had an oversupply, I had to pretty much wait until she was eating solids regularly for my supply to slow down.  The pain I was experiencing was piercing and deep in my tissue.  First of all- NO she did not have a poor latch, actually she latched perfectly.  NO tongue or lip ties.  YES I met with four lactation consultants, joined support groups, called the hot line, all of that.  BTW, my insurance didnt cover ANY of it.  I pretty much heard the same thing.  "It will get better." But it never actually did.  In fact I had pain in my breasts for a year after I stopped.  It also caused issues with my husband because I was annoyed he didn't care that I was hurting, yet there was nothing he could do anyway.  His response was always "well I don't have boobs so I can't feed her, or "so then just stop breastfeeding." There was no encouragement.  After researching and researching on my own, I self diagnosed myself with vasospasms.  It was the only thing I read about that sounded similar to the pain I was experiencing.  SO, my question is.... are there any other mothers that had the same thing?  Second baby same pain?? HELP!!!  I vowed never to breastfeed again after the experience I had the first time, but my motherly instincts are kicking in and telling me to try.  

Re: Breastfeeding better the second time around?

  • I never had pain lasting as long as yours but it was better the second time around. Hopefully it will be for you as well 
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