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When it hits you

I'm out on a summer night in my backyard by the fire pit and I've been missing my baby all day. I started breaking down sobbing. I miss him and hate that I'm alone. I miss him and can't stop crying. All I can think is next month he'd be a year old. It's days like this that I wonder if I'll ever have children

Re: When it hits you

  • I'm sorry. MC is rough. I've had the same thoughts, wondering if I'll ever have children. 
    You can always come join us in TTCAL if you'd like. We have weekly boards and whatnot if you'd like to chat with others having similar experiences, and be able to work through your emotions and talk about your experiences. We'd love to have you! 
    But take the time you need and be kind to yourself.
    Sending a virtual hug:
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  • Thanks so much <3 It's nice to know you're not alone
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  • There are a hunch of us on that board that could have written your same post. You are not alone. 
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