Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

After advice. First time poster.

I had a D&C on July 19th due to a pregnancy that was not compatible with life. I was 11.5 weeks pregnant when I had the termination and it's now been 4 weeks since. I'm wondering when I can expect to get my period so we can start trying again? Thanks 

Re: After advice. First time poster.

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    It's really hard to say...there's just no way to predict that because the process of your body returning back to normal, hormonally, is so individual.  Some women might see the return of their period a month later, some not for many months. 
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    Sorry for your loss.  I was 10 wks and baby measured 10 wks with my first loss and it took 6 weeks before AF arrived.  With my 2nd loss, I was 8 wks but only measured 5wks and AF showed up in 3.5 weeks.  It is individual so who knows. 
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