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Team Green - boy name help

team green, due in february, but I can't stop thinking about boys names. My husband and I can't agree on anything, so I'm worried we will have another boy and he will be unnamed for weeks!

We have two sons, AJ (Albert Jackson) and Sam (Samuel Lewis). Girl name is going to be either Kathryn (Kate) or Margaret (Maggie).

Last name is long, 3 syllables, begins with H and ends in -er and is German. 

My favorites were Luke, Max, Eli, William, and Alexander. Husband only likes Ty (or Tyler or Tyson).

Any thoughts or opinions? Thanks ladies!

Re: Team Green - boy name help

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    I love Alexander and your other names are nice too. I strongly dislike Tyler. That name was sooo trendy in the late 90s early 2000s. I feel like it's a name that is dated by that time frame. Tyson just makes me think of Tyson chicken and Mike Tyson.  I really love your current children's names and Tyler/Tyson is not up to par. Your girl name picks are great and go nicely with your boys.

    How about 

  • I like Maxwell (Max) and Elias/Elijah (Eli) best with your sibset. 


    Silas (Sy)
    Tobias (Toby)
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  • I agree, your names suggestions are much better than your husband's choices.  I like Alexander and William.  I also like Lucas.  
  • What about William Tyler?
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  • I like Max 
  • I'm considering naming my baby William. I like a lot of your suggestions, I hope you can convert your husband. Also I love the name Margaret. 
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