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Weekend Randoms

What does everybody have planned this weekend? 

I finally have all of our company gone. first time in over a month! I am looking forward to having my house back and getting into a real routine with my new family of 4! 

Re: Weekend Randoms

  • Yay I was just coming to start this!

    Today will be the coolest day we have had in awhile and I'm looking forward to not sweating by butt off all day (having a hotbox newborn attatched to my boob a lot if the day is unbearable with the humidity we have had). DS has soccer this morning then it's an afternoon of chores before going to a friends house for dinner. 

    DH and I have been mad at each other for a few days now (I think he's feeling neglected) so I'm hopeful we can snap out of it this weekend. 
  • We have my sister and her family arriving today. They live four hours away and didn't even leave her house until 10:30 this morning. What's the point of even coming if they are going to be here for maybe 24 hours? Oh well, I'm tired of company and I'm being the grump. 

    Meanwhile I'm cleaning the house and dealing with a 2y/o refusing a nap and Mack while DH drywalls the garage. 
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  • I am doing absolutely nothing. Sadly. My 6 yo daughter is driving me insane. My 18 month old won't stop screaming/crying and Amelia is awake every night from 12am-3am screaming. The only sane person in my house is my 4 yo son ha ha. 

    We are kind of getting ready for our trip home (4.5 hours North) for my bday on the 18th! It'll be our first night out in a loooooong time!
  • @Cynth0104 today is the first day of us waking up without extra people in our house too!  My mom has been here since July 1 and decided to bring my 13yo cousin out for 10 days :| I'm so happy everyone is gone.

    Our weekend is pretty quiet.  DH is out running errands.  Ds1 is almost ready for a nap and the little one is out.  Tomorrow should be a pretty quiet day too.  
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  • I've been feeling off since yesterday. I'm hoping it's just allergies because I haven't taken my Zyrtec in a few days but I'm afraid I may have caught a cold. I've been furiously washing my hands and trying not to kiss the baby just in case  :/
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  • We have a bunch of family visiting this weekend. I live in a big recreational lake, so weekends are spent down here, and they are always really busy. It is really hot, so I have been spending all day inside while everyone else is hanging out at the dock. It is a bit lonely, but I am somewhat antisocial, so I don't mind it too horribly much, if that makes sense.

    @manillabar Sending healthy thoughts! That has to be rough with a newborn and everything else.
  • I made the mistake of going to my dads girlfriends house for a few mins to see my dad yesterday. I'm really allergic to cats and his girlfriend has 3 so I usually avoid that house like the plague but I thought he should see his grandkids. Well we were there for 30ish mins and my eyes were nearly swollen shut, coughing and sneezing, the whole nine. I've taken three steam showers and nothing will get rid of this cat dander and I won't jeopardize my milk supply with a Benadryl unless it was affecting my breathing (which thankfully it's nothing my asthma inhaler can't fix) but I'm thinking my allergy got worse since having DD! 
  • My sister is out for the weekend. It is just her and I really enjoy our time together. The weather here is beautiful, so we have spent a little time outside at home and the park. 
  • Nothing exciting here... baby was awake every 30ish minutes last night and I'm exhausted. We're going to go for a walk and get some fresh air and then hopefully we can both take naps!

    My mother keeps inviting herself over all the time and I'm sooo glad I told her not this weekend. H works all week and he's been working late this week (back to school week) so I really wanted us time. Plus I'm exhausted and don't want to plan around visitors. No one seems to understand how exhausting it is just to have visitors. 

  • @ginger1228 it drives me crazy that visitors just don't get it. It is very exhausting! 
  • Cynth0104 said:
    @ginger1228 it drives me crazy that visitors just don't get it. It is very exhausting! 
    My mother even made a comment about how it's tiring and hard to get in a routine with people coming and going all the time. She doesn't seem to understand she's one of those people! 
  • Walking probably 6 miles in laps around my house with a baby who will never nap. 

    No company. Ever. 
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  • @NutellaToast thanks! Two days of Zyrtec and I'm feeling more like myself so thankfully it appears to be just allergies. Which is great because I can't help but give the baby tons of kisses lol
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