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Positive hpt now negative

Hi everyone- I don't know what other board to ask this. On Wednesday (13 dpo) my hpt was a faint positive. Today I took one (16dpo) and it was negative. I grabbed another test and it was negative also (I had peed in a cup). I am devastated and freaking out. I have no bleeding or cramping. I have been nauseous and tired the last week. Did I lose the baby? Are the tests wrong? Any advice is appreciated.

Re: Positive hpt now negative

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    It could be a chemical pregnancy. This recently happened to me. I got a few days of positive HPT then nothing. I had my levels checked and my HCG was only 5 when it should have been higher. Maybe your dr can run bloodwork to see what your HCG levels are. 

    I know waiting is so hard! I hope you get some good news!
  • Thank you. Unfortunately I started bleeding, so I think that's it for me.
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  • I'm sorry. 
  • So sorry.  CP's stink because it's hard to process a positive and then a negative in a couple of days. The good part of that is you can start trying again right away and don't need to wait at all.  You can come join us on ttcal.  Great group of encouraging and understanding ladies. 
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