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TTC after Natural Miscarriage

Hello Ladies 
I found out I was pregnant July 13th 2017 with my first. On Friday July 21st I had my first appointment with all my blood work being done. Everything was great. The following day July 22nd I lost the baby. At 6 weeks 1 day. It was a "natural miscarriage".  :(:(

I followed up up with my doctors until my HCG levels dropped down to zero. 

My doctor/gynecologist gave me the go ahead. Physically and mentally she cleared my husband and I to continue on our quest to start a family. 

I purchased ovulating test strips since now my calendar is thrown off. I tested yesterday and got a positive so we baby danced. Today was another positive so I plan to baby dance with my husband once he arrives from work. 

My questions are...how long did you wait after a miscarriage before you baby danced? 
Did you feel anything different with your body?
Did you get pregnant?  
Any recommendations? Tips? Advice? 

Thank you ladies.  <3

Re: TTC after Natural Miscarriage

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    @ifuckingloveglitter I'm sorry for your loss. I had an mmc in mid- June. We started trying again about three weeks later, after I had been cleared by my dr. I am not yet ku again. 

    Just FYI, I had a bit of a false surge my first cycle post mmc - one OPK was almost positive and then negative the next morning and I didn't ovulate for another 9 days or so. This is common in women post mc although it doesn't happen to everyone. 

    Good luck, I hope you get your rainbow baby soon.
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    I also had false OPKs and ended up missing O.  If you BD every other day you can cut out the opks which are so spotty before your first AF and increase your chances that way. 
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    Hey, doctors recommended a 6 weeks waiting period before BD. I tried after my first cycle, and got pregnant on my first try. I don't know if all women who have tried this succeed. 
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    We waited for me to get one period, then tried again. It took 4 months after first loss (@ 5 weeks), and 3 months after 2nd loss (@12 weeks). It was good in a way to have some time to heal. I'm sorry for your loss! There is hope!
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    Thank you so very much for all of your kind and optimistic words. Ironically I knew I was ovulating based on my symptoms. So my body told me before I tested which confirmed that I was indeed ovulating. (So lucky it was perfect timing)

    I am about 8dpo? so currently in that two week waiting period. Cross your fingers and send me all the baby dust. Thank you truly.  <3
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