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Weekly Appointments- 8/7-8/11

Does anyone have appointments this week? How are y'all feeling about them? 

Re: Weekly Appointments- 8/7-8/11

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    I have my second ultrasound on Wednesday and I'm feeling super anxious. This will be my first of many ultrasounds to check the length of my cervix. I have to start going every two weeks!

    we also find out the gender on Wednesday. I'm so nervous and anxious! I'm team healthy baby but it's hard not to have a preference! Am I the only one that feels this way? 
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    @bs_otw_0201 I feel the same way!

    NT scan on Thursday. Still waiting for NIPT results though.

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    NT scan today. Looking forward to the ultrasound but they are also taking blood today. Last time they did not do a good job finding my veins so not looking forward to that. 
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    NT scan Thursday. H will get to see the ultrasound live for the first time. He's psyched to see him moving.
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    I'm really excited! I have my second US tomorrow at 13 weeks. This is the first one my husband can come to! I can't wait for him to see our baby! 
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    I had a 12 week appt today, but no scan. The next time I see the baby is on the anatomy scan which I scheduled at 20 weeks! I did get to hear his heartbeat, so that gives me some reassurance for a healthy baby.
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    I had the NT scan, and our first ultrasound, yesterday.  I was so exciting to see baby for the first time!  We were both nervous going into the appt., and are waiting on blood work results. It was reassuring to see that everything looked okay, and get some "visual proof" that there is actually a baby in there! 
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    I'm jealous of all your scans. Our last US was at 8ish weeks. We heard HB at 11 weeks and won't have another US until anatomy scan at 19 weeks. We got NIPT results and were low risk and will find out gender this weekend with family. SO tough not to open that little envelope. 
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