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HPT to monitor HCG post mmc and D&C

Hey moms, I did a quick search but didn't see a post regarding this yet, so I apologize if it's a duplicate.  
Did anyone use HPT's to monitor their drop in HCG levels post mmc and D&C? I had my D&C on Monday (7/31) and my doc is not monitoring my levels, but I'm wondering if they're dropping enough to ovulate this month. I know the OPK's can pick up on leftover levels so I'm not using them until my first official af. No sense in wasting them if they'r just picking up leftover HCG and not an actual LH boost. My last tested level was only 10, 800 at 8wks, so I'm hoping it won't take long to drop.

Re: HPT to monitor HCG post mmc and D&C

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    I used hpts every Tuesday & Friday to track HCG down to negative hpt.  (My D&C was on a Friday and I didn't want to track everyday, too expensive.) It took about 2 weeks to get to a negative.  I ovulated 2 weeks later and had a period 1.5 weeks after that. (Not too far off my natural cycle.  GL
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    I did, although I didn't have a D&C, but I can't imagine it would change the levels.  I delivered completely at 18 weeks (baby died a week earlier or so), had positive hpt's for 15 days, then 2 days after my first negative hpt I had a positive opk with ovulation happening the day after that.  I didn't have a doctor following my levels or anything, so I just made do myself!  Cycles have been normally spaced since then.
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    Hi, I'm curious to know how you can check your HCG levels at home? I also had a D&C in July, 19th and he doctor never monitored my levels and I've been reading about it and wanting to know how I find out my levels. Thanks so much 
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    @ShaniChamberlain the idea is that you take hpts periodically to self-monitor your levels. As your levels drop the second line giving the positive result will get lighter until it comes up as a BFN once it drops below whatever the test is able to detect. 
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    So, tons of losses actually does give me a bit of insight into this.

    My OB always prefers to have blood work done to guarantee an hcg quant of 0, but if I did that I'd have no blood left. 

    Most docs consider a negative pregnancy quant of 10 or less. Most early tests have a sensitivity of 20-50, and while EPT Early Result (not digital) is said to sensitive to 20, but I have had it detect levels to me at an 8-9 with a faint pink line. 

    I can definitively say that I have used them to see if I've started to decline in hcg extremely reliably by using the same brand and type (also preferably batch, but not always possible), taking the test only with morning urine, then by comparing darkness of the line.

    When one of my pregnancies had hcg that was going up and down, I could see a noticeable differences in line darkness up to about a 200 quant, and after that, the line was just dark.
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    I have to have blood work every few days because I have a suspected molar pregnancy, by with my last d&c, my levels weren't monitored, but I used HPT, and they were back to being negative at 2 weeks.   I ovulated a week later.  I was 14 weeks at the time of the d&c.
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    *update* I ended up just asking my OB to track it for me. She did blood tests weekly for me which was great. I did a last HPT on on my own just to make sure it came up with a BFN. My cycle returned and now I'm in the WTO stage and hoping lightening will strike again. Thanks for your input ladies!
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