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  • marissajc said:
    @kaitie12-27 our hospital system has you come back in for a quick scan to get a better look! It's usually a really fast appointment. Hoping you can get a second scan if you still want to find out!
    Our hospital just deals with the scan my dr has to deal with everything else. Really hoping I can get another scan to find out. I'll definitely be asking my dr at my next appt.
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  • It's a girl!  <3
  • I was expecting girls to be higher. I know 3 other mommas to be and of the 4 of us, 3 are having girls. Either way, congrats to everyone! Hoping for only safety and health for you and your babies
  • We had our A/S Monday. It is a boy! It's so much more fun now that we know what it is. I'm surprised it makes that much difference. I guess sex helps you picture the child more than just a nondescript baby.
  • We already have a boy and girl at home so we intended to be team green but the suspense was killing me.

    As per my 20 week a/s, we've joined team blue. :)
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