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9 DPO and Symptom Spotting

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I know we are not allowed to ask if people think we are P, and I'm not asking.  Just getting symptoms off chest and opening a discussion for similar situations.

I think the hardest thing for me is understanding what I want to be true in my mind and what really IS true.  I'm trying to be as honest with myself as possible.  Some things are obvious (temp, CP, CM).  Others like cramps, boobs, gas..etc. are all causation type symptoms that could be happening due to diet, exercise...etc so not so obvious.

Here are my most obvious signs:  
1) Temping - I didn't start temping until 3dpo.  It rose steadily from 3dpo to 7dpo.  On 8dpo it went down .5.  Today, 9dpo, it went right back up to highest.  
2) Cervical position - The position itself has stayed relatively the same.  I felt like it dropped a little one day, but it has been fairly medium - high height.  The texture had been the same as well medium - hard.  Today....WOW....very soft. Yesterday, 8dpo, I was almost dry with a little watery CM.  Today CM is very thick and creamy.  
Things that are relative and may be caused by other factors:
1) Tired - I really have gone off and on with this.  One day extremely tired, the next energetic.  Yesterday was the biggest what-the-heck for me.  I haven't really FELT tired, but I laid down listening to a book during lunch yesterday and next thing I know I woke up snoring.  When I got home, I fell asleep watching tv and stayed asleep for 3 hours.  Woke up, took shower and DH told me to go back to bed.  Slept like a baby all night and didn't get up to workout this morning like normal.  The night before I went into all this hibernation lol, I tossed and turned most of that night, so I could just be extra tired from that night.
2) Food - I've been so picky.  A little hungry but nothing sounds good.  Then I'm not hungry but know I should be so I start to eat and dont stop.  I never get full.  I ate a whole jar of salsa with chips yesterday and my stomach didnt budge. 
3) Had pulling burning sensation inside right hip all day (but on and off) yesterday.  It was very dull but obvious.  This is not the same as most other implantation symptoms I've read.  Everyone I read says they get a sharp stabbing in stomach around belly button.  I haven't felt anything there at all. 
4) Fighting something - Had sore lymph nodes under neck yesterday but no fever, no sore throat...nothing.  It is gone today. 
5) Happy and super annoyed at same time
6) Felt very very spacey 7dpo.  Felt like I was in the twilight zone.  Walking around, I felt like I wasn't there.  I found myself just staring at my computer at work.  I don't have much of a wondering mind. 

Symptoms I haven't had much or at all:
Sore boobs (they feel a little full but most likely in my head)
Areolas haven't changed that I can see.
No real cramping (see previous paragraph)
No breakouts - skin actually looks really good
Some bodyaches but attributing to workouts
No nausea or dizziness 
No bloating

I know everyone is different and I also know that there's a strong possibility a lot of this may be in my head, but needed to get off my chest and make note of it in case I dont get my BFP so I can keep track of whats different each month.  I'm going crazy thinking about this.  I don't know how women do this from month to month.  

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Re: 9 DPO and Symptom Spotting

  • Wow! Hope you guys are really proud of yourselves today.  Thanks for that.  If you don't like the post, don't comment. Thats it...all you have to do is walk away.  Its THAT easy!

    And as far as ovulation, there are more ways to tell if you've O'd than temping....including one major one called a Ovulation Predictor Test, which I did take and know exactly which day I O'd.  So now you can take your snide remark and your rolly eyes and walk away too.  

    I won't delete my thread because I don't care whether you think it was appropriate or not.  Symptoms are different for everyone and not everyone gets them right away.  I understand that.  Then again, some people do!  

    Thank you again for making this a safe place to talk about stuff that no one else outside of this forum cares to hear or talk about because they're not in the TWW like we are!  And with that said, I hope you all get your BFP's because I actually care and have something nice to say.  Fairy Dust to all of you. 
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  • Check your audience girl i don't want your f'ing "fairy dust" someone please post the bye felisha gif stat 
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