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Trying to Get Pregnant

Intro and a couple tww questions

Hi everyone-- I just did a brief intro on the newbie thread, but I had some questions. I haven't tried to get pregnant in 4 yrs so I do not remember anything. 

About me for those who might not read the newbie thread: I am 35 and my husband is 34. I work in special ed (admin) and my husband is in consulting. We are ttc #2 (our kiddo is now 3). I am a bit nervous this time around for some reason. I can't place it, but I just don't feel confident. Maybe because I'm older?

Last month my cycle was 32 days and I had a positive opk on cd20. We did not ttc. This cycle, I had a positive opk on cd18 using wondfo and clear blue. Wondfo looked positive on cd17, but the clear blue was negative. We had sex on cd18 & 19. Today is cd23. Based on that, how many dpo am I? 

Also, what are some things to avoid in the tww? Can I drink coffee? I'm personally choosing not to drink alcohol. Is there a correlation between cm and getting a bfp? Usually I have it (well, on birth control) and now I am bone dry. Thank you ladies!

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  • Hi @jnmiller324! Check out the TFAS threads and the WTO/TWW threads. They'll be the best places to get started.
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