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Dental advice

Not sure where this should go so thought I would start a thread. 

I just went to my 6 month cleaning at my dentist advice, and my dentist doesn't do cleanings during the first trimester. So if you have a dentist appointment it is worth calling ahead to confirm with your dentist. I am 10 weeks + 4 days today. 

The dental hygienist also gave me some good advice on ways to keep my gums in good shape throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding as well as for the baby once he/she gets teeth keeping those baby teeth heathy. So plan an extra 10 min with your appointments to ask for tips! Worth it! 

Just wanted to share in case this others still had appointments in the next few weeks! 

Re: Dental advice

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    I ran into the same thing. I went in for a cleaning at 7 weeks and the hygienist refused to do my cleaning until 2nd trimester. 
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    Good to know!
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    *lurking from March*

    Oh, thanks for that heads up!! I have an appointment in a couple of weeks that was scheduled before I got pregnant. I'll call first thing on Monday to check...
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    NKF312NKF312 member
    I just had a cleaning yesterday, still in first trimester, they wouldn't do X-rays but still did the cleaning.  Good tip to call first though! 
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    I went this past week. Still in 1st trimester. They just needed a note from my ob clearing me for the cleaning which the office faxed over and no X-rays were done. 
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    *Lurking from March*

    @ramzlau Did they give you the reasoning behind not cleaning during first tri? I've always heard that an extra cleaning is recommended during pregnancy, so I'm surprised to hear of the early restriction.
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    I just went to the dentist without any problems. My OB said they had to put 2 lead jackets on me for X-rays, just basic necessary X-rays, and only use lidocaine without epinephrine.
    The radiation from their X-rays is no more than what you are daily exposed to. 

    All offices will be different. Most just want preapproval from your OB. But technically no harm in 1st trimester dental care. All precautionary. 
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    @bookishbaker they didn't give reasoning, just got the impression that they prefer to err on the side of caution since there wasn't an emergency to get me in sooner, they would just rather wait a few weeks. Someone mentioned to me that it might be because the cleaning can irritate the gums and can expose or lead to infection which might be higher risk in first trimester. Definitely wasn't a blaring absolutely don't do this, just an office protocol. 

    They did say if my gums or teeth start bothering me at all after the first trimester that I can come in for extra cleaning just as you said. 
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    Both my OB and dentist were fine with a cleaning at 9 weeks. I kind of wish I had waited until second tri so the nausea was better because I had a hard time with gagging during parts of the cleaning.
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    ashhsaashhsa member
    My dentist wanted to remove my wisdom teeth while I was/ am still in first trimester! I'm delaying it as I just don't think I can cope with a sore mouth on top of morning sickness! So they seem to all have very different attitudes to pregnancy! 
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    Thanks for the post--it sounds like it is def. worth calling ahead and seeing what each dentist does.  Plus, I am due for a cleaning!
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    I have one tomorrow- called ahead after seeing this post to make sure, but they were fine with it and just said they would not be doing any X-rays while I was pregnant. Maybe just call and check! I'm 10 w 1 d.
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