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Moms of multiples 7/28

How are you ladies doing this week?

any new appointments or questions?

Have you started prepping for the babies at all? (Started a list of what extras you will need, any sort of planning?)

Re: Moms of multiples 7/28

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    meatballs37meatballs37 member
    edited July 2017
    I'm tired, always tired.

    I have my second appointment on Tuesday. And I'm finally meeting my new OB. I had to switch since my regular OB doesn't specialize in twin/high risk pregnancy. :( 

    We bought a van on Monday. We realized even our Ford Escape would not be able to fit three car seats in it. I feel like a soccer mom driving around. 
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    I was at the beach all last week which was nice bc it wasn't a problem when I felt tired, plus I could eat all day to help w nausea. But I think I gained 3 lbs in a week. Yikes

    back to work Monday, and my 2nd appt is not until the following Monday when I get a repeat US, all the bloodwork and meet my midwife. It's gonna be a long week. I just want to see what's going on in there!

    we talk a lot but haven't done any real planning, still in shock. Not sure what to do first. I think I need to find some other local twin moms to talk to. Came up with a second name we like. 
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    I am soooo tired. like unbelievably tired. struggle to stay awake last 8:30ok tired. the nausea comes and goes. mostly just feel blah all the time haha 
    we have started to buy diapers here and there and l started getting some onsies because I just couldn't help myself 
    we are going to be getting a bigger vehicle sometime this fall so we can fit 3 car seats.
    next appointment is Tuesday for a growth scan to make sure they are growing as they should be. so far everything has been great but with losing our twins 3 years ago they are keeping a close eye on us this time, which makes me feel so much more at ease! 

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