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Rough Day

So... today was a pretty rough day.
On Sunday I took 4 pregnancy tests and they were all positive. I've had light cramping, but I heard that wasn't out of the ordinary when you are very early.

I went to the doctor for my confirmation exam today at 11. I took the urine test and it was negative. Obviously, I was pretty upset, so they sent me to get blood work. Around 2 the NP at my Doctor's office called and confirmed that I was pregnant, the levels were low but that was due to being early (roughly 4 weeks 5 days.)
At 4:15 I started bleeding, nothing heavy, but the light blood that precedes my typical period. I called the answering service and got the on call doctor. He pulled my lab results and said based being early, bleeding already and the fact that my HCG level was extremely low he did not feel, in his opinion, that this was a normal pregnancy and it was most likely ending in a miscarriage. He called out some labs to check my levels tomorrow. He believes they will go down from today which will confirm the inevitable at this point. Since 4 i've been bleeding on and off, exactly like a typical period... some brown blood some bright red, so without being a doctor I think it is pretty much confirmed at this point.

We were waiting until 12 weeks to announce to any one, miscarriages are extremely common on his side of the family, so we wanted to take the extra precaution and wait. So, I guess I just wanted to share my story :(

I have an immense respect for all the women who are are on this road. We tried for 2 months and got pregnant. I can not imagine the disappointment each girl has every time they see a negative test or go through a miscarriage or miscarriages.
On the way home I saw a rainbow and it hadn't been raining. Might be nothing, but I'm holding hope that it was a sign of something better to come. God has bigger plans!
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Re: Rough Day

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    I'm so sorry you are going through this 
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    Thank you, verified today with more tests. 
    But, staying positive as we can through
    all this! Just have to keep trying!
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    I'm so sorry.  It's tough and not fair. I've had two losses now and knowing that we can keep trying helped me to move forward.  Be kind to yourself and allow yourself to grieve. I hope you have a healthy recovery both physically and emotionally. 
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