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  • Hmm... people here are trying to get a "nugget" of their own sooo... maybe the 1st trimester board can help you out. Good luck to you. Sounds like quite a journey you're on.
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  • There isn't an option to delete - as far as I can tell anyway. So, I followed looeeze's suggestion and moved my post. But, I appreciate all the gifs. :)  
  • @razorbackbelle42 I just read your post on the first tri board. I'm confused why your doctor would do an ER without doing a beta first after you had an IUI? Even when I get my period if I'm not scheduled for a beta I always have to take a pregnancy test before my next treatment cycle just to be sure cause bleeding can happen. Did your doctor tell you about the risks of birth defects using Clomid and injectables during pregnancy? I don't want to scare you and I not saying that's always the case but I definitely think if this isn't a conversation you've already had that you should and I would also get a second opinion from another doctor. I hate to say it but your doctor may be suggesting what he is because of risks and if he made a mistake with not doing a beta first he may not be being as upfront as he should be. 
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